Are there boys out there who have captured Lola Tung’s heart? It’s hard to get enough of The Summer I Turned Pretty. They’re interested in hearing about her upbringing, her parents and siblings, and her love life.

Amazon Prime Video’s newest release is The Summer I Turned Pretty. A 2009 trilogy by Jenny Han, best known for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, is the inspiration for this TV series.

In the role of Isabella “Belly” Conklin, newcomer Lola Tung makes her big-screen debut. Teenage Isabella (Christopher Briney) gets involved in a love triangle with her family’s friends, the Conrad (Jeremiah Lombardo) and the Jeremiah (Jake Johnson) brothers, while on vacation in their picturesque seaside town (Gavin Casalegno). As she makes her way through the novel, we see her grow up and realize who she really is.

Who Is Lola Tung Dating?


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Lola Tung has managed to keep the details of her relationship hidden from the majority of people. Many spectators were intrigued by Lola’s efficiency in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ which featured her in a leading role.

Despite the fact that many of her fans are eager to learn more about her relationship, the actress has kept mute.

Because of her reputation as a surprising actor, many people believe that she is hiding someone from the public.

However, based on her social media profiles, it appears that her primary focus is on her job. It is possible that she may open out about her romance in the near future.

In the film “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” Lola plays the role of Belly. Jeremiah and Conrad, two brothers, were smitten with Belly while watching the movie.

This competition for Belly’s affection might also lead to misinterpretation and conflict between the brothers. The first season ends with Belly confessing her love for Conrad.

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Lola Tung Relationship Timeline


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Lola Tung has managed to keep her love life out of the public spotlight. It’s possible to catch a glimpse of her as Belly in the scene The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Belly, a female in the novel, piques the interest of two brothers. Belly and her mother go to a beach house every summer and stay with the mother’s best friend and her two kids, whom Belly has a crush on.

For Conrad, the belly has always been a reliable source of entertainment. Early on in Season 1, Belly sets out on a quest for love, and she attracts the attention of childhood friends Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher.

There is romance, miscommunication, and turmoil as Belly’s brothers vie for her affections. Belly decides to go with Conrad at the end of the first season.

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Lola Tung’s Net Worth

who is lola tung dating

Currently represented by CAA, Lola Tung has a net worth of under $100,000.

Lola, who plays Belly Conklin, said in an interview with Brief Take following the launch of the program that it was the finest first experience she could have wished for on an on-screen set. Lola Tung was a theatre child in high school and college, and she credited the show for giving her the opportunity to learn from everyone on the set filming.

She graduated from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts in New York City. A second-year student at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Dramatic Arts, she is now pursuing a degree in acting and musical theatre.

For more than just her acting work, Lola is a woman of action who takes to the social media platform to speak out on a variety of hot-button issues, including gun control and climate change.

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Family of Lola Tung

Pia Tung, Lola Tung’s mother, is the only member of her immediate family known at this time. Pia used to work as a graphics technician. Murray Hill was the home of the mother and daughter team. On International Women’s Day in 2018, she said on Instagram, “Mamma, I adore you. I’ll never forget you.” I aspire to match your level of badassery one day.

Lola told PopSugar that the first thing she did when she got the part was phone her mother. When I got home, I phoned my mom weeping, overjoyed, and awestruck. We were able to do so by telephone.

After she secured the part, Pia purchased the entire series of books. Tung recalls finishing the third book on the roof of his building. “I read all of them,” he says. As a result, I was overcome with emotion to the point of tears. Bringing Belly’s story to life was a dream come true for me.


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When Lola was engaged in an ASPCA leadership program in 2014, Pia was interviewed by the New York Post. The program was a perfect fit for Lola, who was searching for something to do outside of school to help her gain self-awareness and assertiveness.

Lola stated it was really beneficial in her work with pups. This experience showed me that I have a voice and can utilize it.

During the training, Pia saw her daughter become more confident. Lola is “less afraid of stating her thoughts [now],” Pia remarked. “She’s more conscious of the reality that she can genuinely make a difference,” says her mother.

Timothy Tung, Brigit Tung, Ting Tung, Chi Ho Pung, and Mary E Tung are all members of the Tung family.

Lola’s failure to mention or show any images of her father raises the possibility that she was reared only by her mother. However, it has not yet been verified.

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