When Barbara Eden worked with Elvis Presley, he told her that he met his future wife, Priscilla, while she was there.

I Dream of Jeannie actor Jackée Harry was ecstatic when asked about her experience working with Elvis Presley on the 1960 film Flaming Star at Christmas Con in Pasadena, California, Saturday.

Eden, who turns 91 towards the end of the month, began by saying, “Elvis was a thrill.” “He died because he didn’t get the girl – and he was amazing, too! He was truly exceptional.

I believe that was the only picture he made in which he was praised for his performance and not for singing a song….

When Elvis Presley Told Barbara Eden About Priscilla, She Asked Him About Marriage

His followers panned the film, but critics lauded it, and he was a pleasure to work with despite their opposition.”

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Presley, who was 25 at the time, was referred to as a “gentleman” by Barbara Eden, who made light of the fact that she didn’t have a romance with him.

It was “he’d get me a chair” when she arrived on set, she said in her recollection. “Those are the kinds of things actors don’t do. They don’t mind if you sit on the floor. And as the crew was adjusting the lighting and other things, he’d pull out his guitar and start singing. He’d sing beautifully. … After all that, I remember that we used to talk as well. We spoke frequently.”

When Elvis Presley Told Barbara Eden About Priscilla, She Asked Him About Marriage

Priscilla Beaulieu and Michael Ansara, the actor who played Cochise on Broken Arrow, were frequently mentioned in their chat.

“If you’re going to be married in Hollywood, how do you go about it?’ ‘How are you going to do this with everything going on?’ I said.” Shared: Eden “My reply: ‘You know what? It’s our job for us.’ How do we earn a profit?

Finally,’ As he explained, “Well, in Germany, I met this girl.” ‘I’m not too sure, she’s terribly young,’ he responded. Sadly, he failed to disclose his age. Yeah, I’m 14 now. Also, I told them to work together as a team because they’d be OK.”

He added, “Little did I know,” with a giggle.

While in the Army, Elvis Presley had the opportunity to meet Priscilla, a 14-year-old girl from Memphis, Tennessee. They got married in 1967, seven years after they started dating.

Later, Eden and Ansara went to see Elvis Presley perform in Sin City.

When Elvis Presley Told Barbara Eden About Priscilla, She Asked Him About Marriage

Eden said, “I’ve watched a lot of people work, but this was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen.” “All these guitars! Elvis Presley was one of the greatest entertainers of all time. He was a delight to work with. It’s how I remember him and not how he was later in life. His beauty and charm attracted me to him.”

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At the end of Eden’s tale, Harry chimed in: “I would have jumped him if I could have. I would have jumped Elvis.”

If you had Cochise as a husband, Eden quickly responded, “You wouldn’t.”

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