Mark Justin Roiland is an American voice artist, animator, writer, director, and producer. He is the co-creator of Adult Swim’s animated comedy sitcom, Rick and Morty, and also the voiced show’s stars, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith.

Justin Roiland

He has received several accolades of them being the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

Who is Justin Roiland?

Born in Stockton, California, United States on 21 February 1980, Justin Roiland had done a great deal of work in the animated industry and created huge hits like Rick and Morty, Fish Hooks, and the goes on. But unfortunately, Adult Swims, the show’s distributor took a bold decision and cut ties with Justin Roiland in 2023, after the news of his involvement in domestic violence spread.

Justin wrote a number of books including Orcs in Space Vol. 2, The Art of Rick and Morty, Tiny Rick, and Orcs in Space Vol. 3.

He has worked with many animated tv shows and movies including Rick and Morty (since 2013), Solar Opposite( 2010), Adventure Time(2010-2018), Fish Hooks(2010-2014), Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Honest Abe Lincoln’s Hot Links Mascot.

Charges on Justin Roiland

Rick and Morty’s, star and co-creator, Justin Roiland has been charged with felony domestic abuse in Orange County. The case got connected to the 2020 incident where he was involved with a woman.

The 42-year-old, Justin Roiland, has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial after being charged with corporal injury and false imprisonment by menace, fraud, violence, or deceit. The charges relate to a 2020 incident against an unidentified woman Roiland was dating and living with at that time.

Roiland’s attorney T Edward Welbourn said in a statement that: “Not only is Justin innocent but they also have every expectation that this matter is on course to be dismissed once the district attorney’s office has completed its methodical review of the evidence.”

Adult Swim cut ties with Justin Roiland

The animated sci-fi, Rick and Morty, is all about a mad scientist and his grandson, which was created by Roiland and Dan Harmon and voiced by Roiland himself. Roiland also voiced other smaller characters in the comedy cartoon.

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Adult Swim, the show’s distributor released a statement saying that they have ended their association with Justin Roiland. Marie Moore, the senior vice president released the statement. It all happened in 2023 after the news of Justin Roiland’s involvement in domestic abuse came to the public.

Adult Swim was a great supporter of Justin Roiland’s, Rick and Morty and after the news of his involvement in domestic violence spread, they ended their association. Adult Swim after the show’s huge hit ordered an additional 70 episodes in 2018 and extended the show to 10 seasons. The show just completed six seasons when this deal was made and was a huge commitment as ‘Rick and Morty’ was on the road to becoming a mega-hit.

More about Justin Roiland

Many Hollywood sources say that Rick and Morty will continue with Roiland’s voice roles re-cast, and till the time Roiland retains his credit as co-creator, Harmon will be the sole showrunner and handle everything.

The animated comedy Solar Opposites was also co-created and voiced by Roiland. He also provided a voice and was the executive producer of the animated series Koala Man. Both are broadcasted on Hulu in the US and Disney+ around the world.

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