The Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard suffered a serious injury while playing against the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. As it is, the Cowboys lost to their opponent for a second year straight.

Pollard had earned his first Pro Bowl selection in 2022 and led the Cowboys’ two-headed rushing attack with 1,007 yards on 193 carries — 38 fewer carries than his running mate, Ezekiel Elliot.

About the Injury

Tony broke his leg left leg and suffered a high ankle sprain on a tackle late in the second quarter, as reported by NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport on Monday. He also added that the recovery is expected to take at least three months.

Snippet of Pollard's accident

After a 4th down conversion, the Cowboys were looking to get into the endzone later in the second quarter and retake the lead over the 49ers. Quarterback Dak Prescott dumped off a pass in the middle of the field to Tony Pollard, who was tackled from behind by 49ers defensive back Jimmie Ward.

Tony tried running and escaping Ward’s clutches, but the defensive back landed on his left limb, twisting the ankle inward. He tried getting up but failed to do so due to the excruciating pain.

Pollard being carried off the field

He lay down on the field itself and the Cowboys’ medical staff alerted, rushing to his rescue. He received some attention in the blue tent but was later carted off to the locker room. Despite the towel covering his head and face, his disappointment was clear in his demeanor.

Recovery and its effects on Tony’s career

The speculations over the estimated time required for Pollard’s recovery being made as three months.

It was later reported that Tony had fractured his left fibula, which is likely to require surgery. His high ankle sprain has damaged the syndesmotic ligaments holding the tibia & fibula together.

Tony Pollard

While they think it might take three months to recover, it is being said that this is a serious injury and that the running back might not be able to return to the game.


Pollard has a fractured leg and possible ligament damage. Though the extent of the injury cannot be told until the doctors perform an MRI on his leg.

Wishing the sportsperson a speedy recovery and hope he can still make his career big.

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