Minnesota’s notorious con artist Derek Alldred has been sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment. He has lotted over 25 young women and was sentenced to pay $254,892.41 in compensation to his victims. He has been doing this for almost two decades and got easily escaped every time.

Derek Alldred

But this time his luck and mind didn’t come in support of him and one of his last victims went to the police and accused him of defrauding and seizing her finances. The girl did a very daring thing and didn’t sit quietly like the other 25 girls who didn’t even know what happened to them.

A lot of information was extracted after his arrest and Derek being a rich businessman gained the attention and trust of young women easily. A huge amount of money was captured from Derek which had been falsely taken by him from multiple women.

Derek’s method of operation

Derek’s method of operation was almost the same as he met most of the women through online dating apps and before connecting with them physically he made sure to build a strong connection with the girls online itself and then on the basis of trust, he used to take access of all their money and finances.

Not much is known about him or his parents and family but it was sure that he was quite close to his parents and criminal psychiatrists after the study as to why he was doing all this for so many years, came to the conclusion that there was no particular reason but only the joy he got that drove him to start swindling people.

Derek’s age and his views after getting arrested

The real age of con artist Derek Alldred is still unknown but as of 2021, he was 51 years old. He maintained the best-perfect guy image for many years and fraud a lot of girls by gaining their trust and ultimately taking access to their money and finances.

Derek got quite some time to reflect back on himself and his actions. He was interviewed and asked how he feels after destroying the lives and reputations of so many women.


Derek said that he is not trying to justify his behavior and he admits he was a horrible boyfriend, absolutely horrible but saying he destroyed someone’s life, he thinks is a bit exaggerated.

Linda one of Derek’s victims

Alldred for almost two decades posed as a firefighter, a doctor, a businessman, a lawyer, Navy Seal, or a wounded war hero. He used fake names and identities, uniforms, business websites, and social media accounts to meet women online and enjoyed the whole process without any fear of getting caught.

Eventually, after gaining the trust of most of the women, he’d take access to their finances, in some cases, he cleaned out bank accounts, and in other cases opened credit cards in their names.

derek alldred missi brandt

Linda, one of his victims moved in with Derek unknown of who he actually was. Derek posed himself as a Navy Seal with the name Rich Peterson. She shared how he opened credit accounts in her name and cleaned all her bank accounts which included her retirement savings.

Derek was not arrested at that time and he left the States. As soon as the news became national headlines, women from Hawaii, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona came in front and spoke that they too had been conned by Alldred.

Derek’s final attempt and arrest

In his final attempt to scam a woman named Dori posing as a Navy pilot.

Navy NCIS investigators got involved after they came to know about his move and built a case against the conman.

derek alldred uniform

“It’s all an act. And he’s really good at it and I think that’s why he’s got away with it for so long,” said Special Agent Mike Elkheir after arresting the conman Derek Alldred.

Derek was sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment with a fine of $254,892.41.

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