Demons, vampires, werewolves and every other supernatural creature are a pretty good selling point when one thinks of the entertainment features, which are popular in cinema, television or gaming. The fans of the supernatural cannot get enough of entertainment products featuring such creatures and, the more the audience demands such entertainment content, the more studios will invest in producing them. When it comes to gaming, there are hundreds if not thousands of options both in 9th-generation environments as well as in previous-generation environments.

From Arcade Games to Virtual Reality Games

There are numerous games during which the player has to battle mystical or undead creatures. Sometimes it is banshees and sometimes it is Yokai. These games can be played using a mobile device, a joystick, a controller, a keyboard or even a VR set. A game that is slowly becoming very popular is Bonelab. This virtual reality game feels like a combination of Doom, Duke Nukem, Resident Evil VR and Borderlands. The graphics are not great, but it is pretty well made and its 35 euro purchasing price is pretty good. Those who enjoy FPS games in VR environments should give Bonelab a try.

More than Just a Genre for Console and Pc Gamers

Games with supernatural themes are not only popular among console and PC gamers, but also among those who enjoy online casino games. A simple visit to an online casino will give players the ability to play dozens of supernatural-themed games such as Vampire Prince of Darkness. This game is one of Playtech’s most graphically advanced games, and it has become a favourite for those who enjoy casino and slot games. The developer spared no expense in order to create a game that is up to date with modern gaming technologies and players appreciate every minute of gameplay.

If You Are Looking for A Game with Demons Then Go Straight to The Experts

The two most popular and most successful supernatural-themed game developers are FromSoftware and Team Ninja. These two studios have created masterpieces that players will enjoy over and over again. Games such as Elden Ring, Nioh, Ninja Gaiden and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice will put your gaming skills to the test from the first moment you start playing them until you have finished their multiple and significantly harder New Game+. These action-packed games require a lot of patience and a lot of “learn-while-playing” from the player, as the game works against those who try to beat it. In other words, these games have been designed to make you fail, so that you feel a lot more satisfaction when you manage to complete your mission.

The New Nioh Takes Place in China

Team Ninja is working on the final details of its next big hit. After doing wonders with Nioh and after having worked extremely well with Square Enix during the development of Stranger of Paradise, the studio is ready to release Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty, which is a game that will keep players busy for hundreds of hours. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released on multiple gaming platforms on the 3rd of March, 2023 and ever since it became available for pre-orders, players have started buying their copies. This game would have been a great Christmas present, but unfortunately, the developer decided to release it a little bit later.

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