If you ask most people in tech, they will tell you that 2022 was the year that AI finally broke out into the mainstream. The success of OpenAI’s DALLE-2 and ChatGPT (more on those later) caught the imagination, but there were many other breakthroughs that hinted at more widespread use cases for AI in the 2020s.

Many industries have been put on high alert as to the potential impact of AI, and that should include the gaming industry. While the technology remains incomplete, some of the stunning advances seen in 2022 have not gone unnoticed. There are many who believe we will see disruption in the next few years on a level with the world wide web in the 1990s.

For example, if you didn’t catch the news, DALLE-2 is a text-to-image generator allowing anyone to create art by asking the AI to create it for them simply by telling it what to do. The images created by DALLE-2 are outstanding, and there seems to be no limit to its creativity. Many artists have decried that the technology could soon make ‘human’ artists obsolete.

Dalle-2 Could Change Video Game Art

As such, you don’t need to take a great leap of faith to appreciate what DALLE-2 and similar art generators could do in video gaming. What would happen to all those working in the design and animation of video games should the technology roll out commercially: spoiler alert: it will, and soon. By the end of 2022, several AI art apps were placed in the top 20 apps in the Apple and Google app stores. Many people will be using them to “mess about”, but it won’t be long until people get serious about using them for the purpose of the business of video games.

ChatGPT arguably became a bigger story than DALLE-2, as it hinted at endless possibilities. At heart, ChatGPT is a virtual assistant. You can ask it anything: write song lyrics in the style of The Beatles’ early years; explain Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity in a simple manner, as if speaking to a 10-year-old; describe how the First World War was a result of colonial expansion in Africa.

Many people said that ChatGPT would be a rival to Google Search, but it is so much more than that. Contrary to opinion, Google does not give you the answer to a question – it provides links of where you may find the answer. ChatGPT gives you the answer to your question or command without providing evidence of where it comes from. And even when it is wrong, it is very good at sounding right.

Ai Virtual Assistants Will Help with Everything

Having a genius virtual assistant could have many uses in gaming. For instance, could you imagine having an assistant always tell you the optimum strategy for casino games like poker and blackjack? Even in pure games of chance like roulette online, you could see the benefits of constantly being able to analyze probabilities. It goes without saying that this technology could also help players cheat in games like online chess.

Will AI Have an Impact on Gaming in 2023 and Beyond?

But perhaps the most important thing for gaming companies to appreciate is that ChatGPT is very good at writing computer code. Coding is obviously the backbone of creating a video game, and we are not far off from having the commercial availability of an AI able to do that. ChatGPT is a text-to-text AI, and people have already been demonstrating how it can code based on text prompts, and it is easy to see how this can disrupt the video games industry.

Arguably, the fundamental question is whether AI will be a boon for the gaming industry and other forms of entertainment. Proponents of the technology will claim that it allows anyone to create video games, build virtual worlds, and so on. But there is a real risk that it comes at a cost to the jobs of those who work in the industry. While that is not guaranteed to happen, it certainly isn’t fearmongering to suggest that it’s a possibility. Still, we will have to wait until the narrative plays out over the next few years, but AI breakthroughs suggest that real changes are coming.

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