A piece of good news for gamers, as the 2014 released social simulation game, “The Sims” becomes free for everyone from October 18. Yes, you heard it right, you can enjoy the game’s base content without paying a single buck. Here’s how…

The Sims base game is now free to play and you can easily download it on PCs and other consoles like PS4, PS5, Xbox, etc. However, you still need to pay the price for expansions and kits that you want to add to the base game.

The total game has 59 DLC each of which may be purchased for between 5 and 40 euros. If you want to purchase all of them, then it will cost $984.43, but right now, there is a sale on Steam that brings the price down to $641.42. Well, it is kind of an offer and definitely fluctuates soon, so go rush for it.

The Sims 4 Is Now Free to Play! Is It a Sign of The Sims 5's Early Release?

As we all know that The Sims 4 is now free worldwide, so it is available to download from various services like the EA app, Steam, and Origin. Well, if you are playing the game on EA Play or EA Play Pro, you have an advantage as you can obtain The Sims 4 EA Play Edition, which features the Get to Work expansion pack.

EA Play Pro subscribers also have the option to purchase the EA Play Pro Edition, which includes not only the base game but also the Get to Work expansion pack and the Toddler Stuff pack.

 Yesterday, the Behind The Sims Summit Event streamed where a lot of things were discussed. And one of the major points was, when will The Sims 5 be available to purchase? Well, EA has still not made any announcements regarding the release, so all the statements that you are reading are untrue.

Currently, EA is working on new downloadable content for The Sims 4, so The Sims 5 may not release until 2024. While on the other hand, EA is trying to fill the gap in its release by giving gamers some new DLC experience.

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