Min Yoon-gi, widely known by his stage names Suga and Agust D, has become a prominent figure in the world of music as a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Making his debut as a member of the immensely popular boy band BTS under Big Hit Music in 2013, Suga has mesmerized fans with his raw talent and magnetic stage presence. However, beyond the limelight, lies a treasure trove of unknown facts about this multifaceted artist.

One remarkable aspect of Suga’s musical journey is his successful foray into solo projects. His first solo mixtape, Agust D, originally released in 2016 and later re-released in 2018, made waves across digital platforms, even reaching an impressive number three on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. This accomplishment marked Suga as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

In 2020, Suga unveiled his second solo mixtape, D-2, which skyrocketed in popularity. Peaking at number 11 on the US Billboard 200, number seven on the UK Albums Chart, and an impressive number two on Australia’s ARIA Album Chart, it solidified Suga’s status as a global sensation.

It’s not just his solo endeavors that define his talent; Suga’s prowess extends to songwriting and production as well. With over 100 songwriting and production credits to his name, he has left an indelible mark on the music scene. One notable example is his contribution to Suran’s hit track “Wine,” which not only climbed to number two on the Gaon Music Chart but also earned the prestigious title of Best R&B at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

Join us on an exciting journey as we uncover the lesser-known facets of Suga’s life and delve deeper into the enigmatic persona that has captivated millions worldwide. Get ready to be amazed by the untold stories and fascinating revelations that make Suga a true icon within the realm of music.

50 Unknown Facts About Suga of BTS

  • Birth and Early Life: Born on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, 300 kilometers southeast of Seoul, Suga’s hometown holds a special place in his heart.
  • Lead Rapper of BTS: Suga is recognized as the lead rapper in the immensely popular boy band, BTS. His powerful and skillful delivery adds a distinctive flavor to their music.
  • Musical Influences: Suga’s passion for rapping was sparked by Stony Skunk’s “Reggae Muffin” and solidified upon hearing Epik High’s “Fly.”
  • Underground Rapper: Before joining Big Hit Entertainment, Suga honed his skills as an underground rapper under the stage name Gloss.
  • Tribute to History: In 2010, Suga produced the song “518-062” as a member of the hip-hop crew D-Town, paying tribute to the Gwangju Uprising.
  • Producer Turned Idol: Initially joining Big Hit Entertainment as a producer, Suga’s talent and dedication led him to become an idol and a vital part of BTS.
  • Unexpected Dance Deception: Big Hit CEO Bang Si-hyuk assured Suga that dancing wasn’t necessary, only to later humorously admit that he had been “deceived” by Bang.
  • Rising Star at Auditions: Suga secured second place at the “Hit It” rap audition held by Big Hit Entertainment in 2010, which paved the way for his remarkable career.
  • Early Musical Prowess: Suga began writing songs and experimenting with synthesizers at the tender age of 13. By 17, he worked part-time at a recording studio to deepen his understanding of music production.
Suga of BTS
  • Unconventional Musical Education: Unlike traditional textbook learning, Suga had an aversion to studying music through conventional methods during his school days.
  • Financial Struggles: While studying music in Daegu, Suga faced financial hardships. Despite doing various part-time jobs, he found it challenging to cover basic expenses like food and transportation.
  • Braces Journey: Suga underwent orthodontic treatment and once sported braces, revealing his commitment to personal improvement.
  • Behind the Wheel: Surprisingly, Suga possesses a driver’s license, adding another skill to his repertoire.
  • Music Produced by Suga: Noteworthy songs produced by Suga include “Jump,” “Let Me Know,” “Boyz with Fun,” and his soul-stirring solo track, “First Love.”
  • Battling Inner Demons: In his self-made song “140505 at Dawn,” Suga opens up about his struggles with mental issues like social phobia, depression, and obsession.
  • Love for Basketball: Suga’s love for basketball runs deep. He played the sport extensively during his student years and continued while training as a BTS member.
  • Height Dreams Dashed: Suga once believed his passion for basketball would lead him to grow taller than 180 centimeters. However, a shoulder injury from a motorcycle accident curtailed his exercise routine, altering his physical growth.
  • Dancing Reluctance: Despite being proficient in dancing, Suga confesses his dislike for the art form. Loud and crowded places also fail to resonate with him.
  • Self-Taught Pianist: Driven by his musical passion, Suga taught himself how to play the piano, showcasing his natural talent.

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  • Blood Type: Suga’s blood type is O, adding to the unique characteristics associated with this blood type.
  • Shutterbug Suga: Suga has a keen eye for photography and currently pursues a major in the subject at Global Cyber University.
  • Chameleon-like Style: Suga’s pale skin tone allows him to effortlessly pull off various hair colors, leaving fans captivated by his ever-changing image.
  • The Silent Observer: Initially, Suga may come across as less expressive, as he tends to be taciturn and doesn’t readily smile.
  • The Calm Presence: Amongst the members of BTS, Suga stands out as the calmest. He maintains composure, even when others are exuberantly engaged in activities.
  • Candid and Critical: Suga’s straightforward and realistic personality shines through his mixtape, with hard-hitting words and critical lines that reflect his sincerity.
  • The Caring Member: According to fellow BTS member J-Hope, Suga is one of the most caring and nurturing individuals within the group.
  • Homebody Habits: Preferring the comfort of indoor spaces, Suga relishes sleeping and lying down. His frequented locations are typically the studio, dorm, and broadcasting stations.
  • Studio Hermit: Once Suga enters a studio, he becomes fully absorbed in his work and rarely ventures outside. It’s as if he lives and breathes music within those walls.
  • Celebrity Connections: Although not naturally outgoing, Suga has managed to build a network of celebrity friends. This esteemed circle includes Super Junior’s Heechul, GOT7’s JB, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Suran, and Epik High’s Tablo.
  • Musical Collaboration: Suga showcased his versatility by lending his voice and penning the rap section for Lee So-ra’s “Song Request,” a creation by Tablo.
Unknown Facts About Suga of BTS
  • Desert Island Companion: If faced with the challenge of living on a desert island for three years, Suga chose Jimin as the member he would want by his side.
  • Gambler-Free Zone: Suga consciously avoids engaging in gambling or stock market activities, reflecting his responsible approach to life.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Suga takes charge of admonishing and educating younger members within the BTS family, showcasing his nurturing nature.
  • Strong Bond with His Brother: Suga shares an unbreakable bond with his older brother, who played a pivotal role in enabling him to pursue music. Trusting Suga’s talent, his brother was the first person he reached out to after passing the audition for Big Hit.
  • Studio Bliss: Suga finds immense joy and fulfillment when he is immersed in his work within the studio environment.
  • Nail-Biting Habit: One of Suga’s habits is biting his nails, often visible during moments of contemplation.
  • Master of Communication: Suga’s eloquence and natural charisma make him a skilled communicator, often taking on the role of host in BTS’ variety of content, such as “Run BTS.”
  • Tattoo Dilemma: Despite an interest in tattoos, Suga refrains from getting one due to concerns about potential negative perceptions. He intends to focus on future charitable endeavors instead.
  • Sun-Shy Styling: Even during summer, Suga frequently opts for long-sleeved shirts to avoid exposing his skin to the sun.
Suga of BTS
  • Ideal Woman: Suga seeks an ideal woman who appreciates hip-hop, embodies calmness, and possesses understanding. He values personality over physical appearance.
  • Pre-Debut Relationship: Before his debut, Suga had a girlfriend. However, their relationship ended when he embarked on his trainee journey.
  • Hollywood Inspiration: Scarlett Johansson captures Suga’s admiration as his favorite Hollywood star, highlighting his appreciation for her talent and charisma.
  • Architectural Aspirations: During his childhood, Suga dreamt of becoming an architect, showcasing his creative and visionary side.
  • Cat-like Characteristics: Suga compares himself to a cat due to his inclination towards solitude and a preference for independent pursuits.
  • Puppy Love: Suga cherishes his brown poodle named Holly and frequently captures delightful selfies with his beloved pet.
  • Eminem Enthusiast: Eminem’s album was the first that Suga purchased, attesting to the influence and impact of the renowned rapper on his musical journey.
  • Musical Laptop Priority: When packing for a trip, Suga prioritizes his laptop, allowing him to create music wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Recognized by the Association: In January 2018, Suga attained full membership with the Korea Music Copyright Association, solidifying his standing as a respected musician.
  • Favorite Color: White holds a special place in Suga’s heart, resonating with his personal preferences.
  • Defiant Motto: Suga’s motto, “I don’t give a s—,” encapsulates his nonchalant attitude and rebellious spirit.


Suga of BTS is a multifaceted artist with a fascinating array of unknown facts that contribute to his captivating persona. From his humble beginnings as an underground rapper to his role as a lead rapper in BTS, Suga’s journey reflects dedication, talent, and perseverance.

His love for music, basketball, photography, and personal growth makes him a dynamic individual. As fans continue to uncover more about Suga, his enigmatic nature and remarkable achievements continue to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

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