According to the latest announcement of a news outlet, KBS 2TV’s talk show, The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive, on March 7, at 10.55 pm KST has a guest appearance: BTS’s J-Hope.

The show, hosted by Jay Park, is famously known for its guests talking about music and other accompanying stories to alleviate the listeners’ worries and concerns. Given that J-Hope has recently released his new single on the street.

It’s not hard to decode that he has been invited on the show to speak about his latest release. However, fans are having mixed reactions to it. This announcement has even upset several ARMYs. These reactions stem from Jay Park’s previous controversies.

Jay Park And His Deeds In The Past

Jay Park is a popular American rapper singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and entrepreneur based in South Korea. He has achieved several feats in his career and is a successful entrepreneur as well.

He initially rose to fame as the the leader of South Korean boy band 2 PM, formed by record label JYP Entertainment in 2008, after having previously been a trainee for four years.

Jay Park

He had to leave Korea due to some controversy in 2009 but returned soon after in 2010 for the filming of Hype Nation. He re-debuted and created a unique identity in the industry. Since then, he never had to look back.

Despite this, Park has quite a liking for getting into controversies. He has often been discovered making offensive remarks and comments about people’s race, community, religion, gender, etc. He’s been the center of many scandals.

So, when BTS member J-Hope was announced to be a guest on Jay’s show, fans were not very happy. Their concerns stem from a very valid reason, which was a scandalous statement that Jay made a few years ago.

The artist said that in the Korean Hip-Hop genre, which can also translate to K-pop, he has paved the way for the industry globally and said that no one’s gone further than him. His exact words were:

There are a lot of pioneers, lot of legends that paved the way for me to do what I do. But in terms of taking it globally, no one’s gone further than me. It’s not gonna be recognized worldwide as a movie, billboard, or views, but still in my genre, in Korea, in Asia, no one’s taken it further.”

Fans’ Outrage At Park’s Words

Jay Park tried to convey that he believes he’s the best in the industry concerning his genre worldwide. He also talked about how success shouldn’t necessarily be measured by views or the representation of charts.

J-Hope to appear on Jay Park's talk show

When the video reached the internet, ARMYs were furious about BTS’s negligence, given that BTS had made significantly more contributions to globally expanding the industry.

This upset BTS fans and Jay received severe backlash. Fans even noticed when J-Hope threw a listening party and invited every K-Pop/RnB artist except Jay Park.

This is why the ARMY fans are all against supporting Jay Park or encouraging the BTS members to interact with him.


This was all the controversy regarding BTS stars and Jay Park. Park has made a controversial statement, he seriously offended ARMYs. This led to them being unhappy after J-Hope’s appearance on Jay Park’s talk show was announced.

However, as the drama keep going, we wish that J-Hope’s single becomes a hit and they all act like adults and have zero shade during the shoot.

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