Having two sons with classic phenylketonuria (PKU) necessitating medical-grade formula, Alexa Beichler tells PEOPLE about the “outpouring of love” her family experienced after sharing their story.

Alexa Beichler never anticipated the support and power to alter lives that would come after deciding to share the tragic tragedy of her sons with the world.

Jax, 7 months, and Taylor, 21 months, the Beichlers’ two kids, were both born with typical phenylketonuria (PKU), a metabolic disorder that necessitates a lifetime of feeding them medical-grade formula.

Beichler, a mother of a 4-year-old son named Carson, told PEOPLE last month that if her boys didn’t get their specialist formula, permanent brain damage might occur. This was during the nationwide baby formula crisis.

The mom of three tells PEOPLE she “cannot believe all of the kindness that we got from everyone trying to help” after being upfront about her sons’ diagnoses and the urgent need for their formula.

As of Tuesday, Alexa Beichler claims that her family started consuming the specialist formula on June 16 after receiving a full shipment, and her boys are now reliant on it.

Mom Formula Matchmaker-After Sharing Sons Story Exclusive

She last received a full shipment on April 5, which was before the most recent delivery.

The most crucial element of this, according to her, is what transpired after the story was published: “So many different people reached out to us.”

“We were contacted by folks in Belgium and other countries eleven minutes after the first piece went live. Amazingly, it was so.”

She continues, “I have a tiny at-home business and people started ordering from me just to help us make ends meet in case we had to go on a plane and fly elsewhere for formula.

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Without others hearing about our story, I might not have been able to get in touch with some of the folks I’ve heard from.

Beichler claims that in addition to getting help for her own family, she was also able to help other families who needed it by talking to representatives from companies that provide infant formula, like Abbott and Nutricia.

Mom Formula Matchmaker-After Sharing Sons Story Exclusive

“They were connected to those who actually required this thing by me. For numerous families, I served as the matchmaker, “said she “Over 20 people in need may have found supplies thanks to me, I believe. It was a gift from God.”

Beichler recalled assisting a grown man who was in need of his formula and “near death’s door.”

“For his feeding tube, we were able to locate what he required. His life has been transformed by us.

For those who truly, really needed it, we were able to acquire supplies “said she Additionally, we were able to raise awareness of other persons and different disabilities that require formula, says Beichler.

“We weren’t just able to raise PKU awareness. “What a lovely thing it was. We were able to connect people, and I feel really fortunate and pleased about it.”

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