Adam, let’s head to the gathering.

Adam Levine received a brand-new manicure as he began the weekend that was based on Barbie’s preferred shade.

Levine uploaded a photo of his hot pink manicure with Kim Truong as the nail technician on his Instagram Story on Thursday.

On Friday, 43-year-old Levine posted a selfie with the comment, “Following up on my Instagram Story,” with a link to the article titled “Pink f—s me,” Every time, it wins.”

However, he enhanced the Barbie effect by adding coordinating sunglasses in the same shade.

Adam Levine Pink Manicure

The Maroon 5 singer additionally included a tag for Calirosa, the tequila business he and his 34-year-old wife Behati Prinsloo own.

The business, which is one of PEOPLE’s 50 Food Favorites of 2021, makes three different types of tequila, including the Rosa Blanco, which has a light pink hue and is filled with flavor, including strawberries and raspberries, that is of the same color.

Tequila from Mexico is matured in red wine barrels to give it its distinctive color, according to Prinsloo, who stated as much to PEOPLE in September of last year.

“Our first time drinking pink tequila was during a trip Adam and I took to Mexico three or four years ago. We said in wonder.

I was shocked to learn that tequila could be aged in red wine barrels, thinking, “This is absurd!” If so, has it been dyed?” Prinsloo informs individuals.

Adam Levine Pink Manicure

The two enthusiastically participate in every aspect of the organization, even posing for promotional photos while getting free manicures. In further promotional photos, the former Voice coach has been shown with a variety of distinct nail colors.

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To highlight the company’s Extra Aejo, a darker red color, Levine, and Prinsloo uploaded pictures of their similar deep red manicures on Instagram.

Levine has occasionally opted to wear black, as shown in this image from December with Marc Anthony who is also seen sipping his own tequila, and in another from May with a gorgeous pink and sparkly costume.

In a close-up picture that Calirosa posted on Instagram, you can see the lightest shades of pink on a few of Levine’s fingers. The pinky nail, however, stands out thanks to the glittery lacquer that is applied to it.

The pink-loving Levine even synchronized his entire family, including his kids Gio Grace, 4, and Dusty Rose, 5, in April 2021.

Everyone in the family was dressed in pink and white, and he captioned the Instagram snapshot of the group with the phrase “Girls just want to have fun.”

The majority of the comments on the picture of Levine with all of his daughters congratulated him for being a wonderful father and complimented his clothing. A few even expressed hope that they will come across a situation similar to that someday.

Nevertheless, Adam Levine leads a lavishly stylish and beautiful life. In addition to having several tattoos, he has been spotted experimenting with hair that has been dyed a range of vivid colors.

Despite the fact that he currently lacks hair on the top of his head, he does have a beard that he could color pink to match his Barbie-inspired fingernails. possibly a day!

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