In honour of her 50th birthday, Camila Duchess of Cornwall went all out! Her 75th birthday was marked on Sunday with a series of portraits.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for the many thoughtful notes and well wishes sent in honour of The Duchess of Cornwall’s 75th birthday. Clarence House’s Instagram account posted a caption that stated, “@ChrisJacksonGetty.”

Photos by royal photographer Chris Jackson show Camilla smiling for the camera as she holds her puppy and lounges in the yard.

In a separate photograph, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog are absent. Kate Middleton and Prince William both posted heartfelt birthday wishes on their Instagram Stories.

As she strolled across her garden, the Duchess of Cornwall smiled brightly and read the caption, “Very happy 75th birthday to the Duchess of Cornwall today.” The Queen’s official Instagram account also sent its best wishes to Camilla.

“Happy 75th Birthday, The Duchess of Cornwall! ” It read, ” @chrisjacksongetty,” next to the official birthday photo of Chris.

Camilla Middleton’s daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, took a new set of photos for her ahead of her birthday to commemorate the event.

In honour of the duchess’ birthday and the magazine’s 125th anniversary earlier this month, Country Life published a series of intimate photos of her at her Raymill house.

An @CountryLifeMagazine special commemorative edition will be published on Wednesday, July 13th in honour of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s 75th birthday and its 125th anniversary.

Her Royal Highness asked The Duchess of Cambridge to take the cover photo at her Wiltshire house, Raymill, at the request of The Duchess of Cornwall, the magazine’s guest editor. Shona Williams captured this behind-the-scenes shot.

Among the props on the set was a BTS shot of Kate taking the photo that appears on the cover of the magazine, which depicts Camilla relaxing in her garden.

Camilla revealed this week that the Duchess of Cambridge is an accomplished photographer.

The Duchess of Cornwall Turns 75: Here Are New Photos and Well Wishes

ITV’s documentary about Camilla’s birthday had an interview in which Camilla commented, “She did very good images, she does it very type of effortlessly.”

We had a great time.” It was a really laid-back atmosphere, and the Duchess of Cambridge was quite gracious in hosting us. When she arrived, she brought her camera, and she’s an excellent photographer.

Everything was really casual, and she didn’t wear much make-up. It was a great way to do it, simply in the backyard with a lot of laughter.”

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