We adore you for your sense of humour, Emma Chamberlain. We have been wondering if the internet celebrity would address that embarrassing but so famous moment with Jack Harlow ever since she exited the Met Gala stairs on May 2 after completing her assignment of chit-chatting with other celebrities for Vogue.

To quickly recap, Emma told Harlow she would see the “First Class” rapper inside after their red carpet interview, to which Jack responded, “Can’t wait. Thank you. Bye.”

Naturally, Chamberlain replied with a heartfelt “love ya” and then gave the internet some of its funniest facial expressions and sounds ever. Fans have even gone so far as to describe the interaction as flirty since that time, with the scene being memed to the moon and back.

Emma eventually had the opportunity to discuss the meeting on June 22 when she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fallon started the conversation by replaying a section of an interview he had with Jack in which they discussed the Met Gala incident.

'Emma Chamberlain' Reacts to Her Viral Met Gala Interview with Jack Harlow

In May, Harlow referred to the popular video as “like a piece of art” because there are numerous interpretations possible. Everyone had a different interpretation of what was going through her mind. I will therefore leave it open for interpretation.

In addition, Jack made it clear that he doesn’t just say, “I love you,” at random. Only when I’m in love with them, he joked. I’m quite warm and I have a lot to give.”

Chamberlain reacted positively to the interview clip of Harlow from his visit on Fallon’s show by saying, “That’s sweet. Love it.”

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The presenter appeared to get Chamberlain’s apparent confirmation that there was nothing to infer from her and Jack’s brief discussion.

She inquired to Fallon, “Can I be honest?” “Like, I just… blank up here while I’m giving these interviews. I’m like, I’m blank.

'Emma Chamberlain' Reacts to Her Viral Met Gala Interview with Jack Harlow

When I watch the interviews again at home, I feel as though I’m witnessing an entirely different person. Unbeknownst to me, I’m reacting to myself after not giving it any thought.

Even though Chamberlain’s action went viral almost away and inspired hundreds of memes and likes, she admitted that she initially believed the video of her stating Shawn Mendes’ name with a heightened New Jersey accent would be the most popular.

She remarked, after Fallon had aired the footage of Mendes calling someone names, “That’s the one I felt was the most amusing.” When I watched that one, I was like, “Why did I do that?,” so I assumed something bad would happen. When that happened, Jack was the best.

Following a spectacular comeback to YouTube after a six-month absence, Emma makes her talk-show debut with Jimmy just a few hours later.

In the 18-minute documentary “what’s good new york,” the actress can be seen leaving the store with a white banner that reads, “PLEASE let me ask you just ONE question for my sweet little youtube video.” She also has markers in her hands.

'Emma Chamberlain' Reacts to Her Viral Met Gala Interview with Jack Harlow

She added in the video, “This is how I meet people. “Making friends is a skill I no longer possess. It’s been so long since I’ve made friends. Ugh. I’m starting to think I’m a f**king prank channel because of this.”

In addition to visiting a subway stop, Times Square, and the top of the Empire State Building after chatting with a few volunteers, Chamberlain also made a few more stops. She remarked when standing on the structure’s viewing deck, “I feel like I’m in Batman.

Even though the YouTube celebrity gave her time in New York City an “8.5 out of 10,” we give her new video and her reaction to that famous Jack moment a “10 out of 10.”

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