Police are reportedly certain that PnB Rock’s murder may have been more than just a simple robbery; rather, they believe it may have been a deliberate act carried out by an adversary. As a result, they are digging deep into PnB Rock’s past.

Detectives are looking into the late rapper’s personal life, particularly who he butted heads with or with whom he may have touched elbows, according to LAPD sources, who tell us that the probe is moving in numerous ways at once.

Investigators are reportedly particularly interested in his connections to Atlanta, where he reportedly spent a lot of time, as well as his hometown of Philadelphia. They are also reportedly asking anyone they speak to if PnB had any enemies who might have been out to get him.

Cops are currently examining PnB’s lyrics to determine whether he made any references to any disputes he may have had with his classmates or other people.

It’s a fascinating development. Cops initially believed it to be a fatal robbery, in which unidentified robbers discovered PnB and/or his girlfriend’s social media accounts, discovered what they were up to, and attacked. Then, as opposed to shooting him repeatedly and murdering him, why didn’t they simply steal his chains and flee?

PNB Rock's Possible Disputants Are Now Under Cop's Radar!

Police are now of the opinion that this could have been a more complex plot by a person with a grudge.

Without a certain, they wouldn’t do it without at least a solid hunch. Regardless of how you look at it, the fact that this L.A. probe is now spanning state lines is fairly astounding.

What’s the current situation in terms of identifying the culprits and/or the getaway car? According to our sources, police are still attempting to locate the car through camera feeds. They claim to receive several tips, but it takes time to sort through them and determine which are reliable.

One last thing: police don’t think PNB’s girlfriend Steph was involved in his passing, according to what we’ve been informed. People who were offended that she revealed their whereabouts put forth a suggestion that she may have done it knowingly. That is BS, according to our sources, and she isn’t thought to have played any role in the killing’s planning or execution.

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