Kelly Clarkson is an artist with a plethora of skills. American Idol Season 1 champ Christina Aguilera has released nine studio albums.

A coach on The Voice for eight seasons, she won four times, making her the most successful coach in the show’s 21-season run, which began in 2002.

To top it all off, her talk program has won 13 Daytime Emmy Awards in its first three seasons, featuring plenty of singing. The “Since U Been Gone Singer” just demonstrated she has hip-thrusting talents for days, so it’s not only about her voice, y’all.

It’s clear from Kelly Clarkson’s Instagram post that the fun doesn’t end when the cameras stop filming in the studio.

Kelly Clarkson and her band Y’all apparently keep the party going for the live audience, and man is there a lot of thrusting going on. You may see it for yourself here:

Is Kelly Clarkson Not the Best?

Seeing live filming of her show seems like a lot of fun. Besides the thrusting, I saw some Running Man, some Sprinkler, and some disco in the mashup she put together.

Following the montage, the host laughed at her own abilities in her self-deprecating way, as if she had been taken aback by the number of clips producers had been able to put together. She laughed and said:

Kelly Clarkson's Hip-Thrusting Skills Are on Point in BTS Video from Talk Show

I agree, Kelly. You’re a hoot. Don’t ever let your guard down. Since her divorce from Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson has had some difficult moments, but it appears that her talk show has been a safe place for her to vent and take her mind off of things.

Even again, it’s not like the rough situations didn’t come up at some point. In April, before disclosing the end of her marriage to Kaley Cuoco, the singer poured a glass of wine for the actress. Even Jill Biden, the first lady, gave her some motherly advice.

During the “Kellyoke” segment of her act, we saw Kelly Clarkson sort out her issues by changing portions of the lyrics to Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever” in what appeared to be a snub toward her former.

The singer is taking the summer off to spend time with her children now that their divorce has been finalized and Brandon Blackstock has relocated to a new bachelor pad in Montana.

Kelly Clarkson's Hip-Thrusting Skills Are on Point in BTS Video from Talk Show

The Kelly Clarkson Show will take over Ellen DeGeneres‘ former time slot when she takes a sabbatical because she deserves it. In the end, the reigning champion had to step down from The Voice for Season 22 because of all of this.

The return of Kelly Clarkson to The Voice is still a dream of mine, and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her talk show and new music. Check out our 2022 TV Schedule in the meanwhile to see what’s airing shortly.

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