Louis Tomlinson is a British singer, songwriter, and actor, born on December 24, 1991, in Doncaster, England. He first gained fame as a member of the globally successful boy band One Direction, which formed on the UK’s version of The X Factor in 2010.

As a member of the band, Tomlinson released five albums and embarked on numerous world tours, achieving international stardom and earning a legion of devoted fans known as Directioners.

louis tomlinson

After the hiatus of One Direction in 2016, Tomlinson launched his solo career, releasing his debut single “Just Hold On” in collaboration with Steve Aoki 2016. He then released his debut solo album “Walls” in 2020, which featured his hit single “Kill My Mind” and showcased his growth as a songwriter and musician. His music style is a mix of pop and rock, with a touch of indie sound.

Louis Tomlinson: “Waterloo Road”

Aside from his music career, Tomlinson has also dabbled in acting, with a cameo role in the British television series “Waterloo Road” and a small role in the film “If I Had You.” In 2013, he launched his own record label, Triple Strings Ltd, and signed X Factor finalist Jack Walton as his first artist. He has also been a judge on The X Factor and America’s Got Talent.

Tomlinson has been very open about his personal life, including his struggles with mental health after the loss of his mother in 2016, who died of leukemia. He has also been an advocate for numerous charities, including Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Children in Need, and Comic Relief. He is also an ambassador for the UK-based Alzheimer’s Society and has been involved in several campaigns to raise awareness and funds for the organization.

Louis Tomlinson’s Dating History

Louis Tomlinson is a well-known English singer, songwriter, and actor, who rose to fame as a member of the popular boy band, One Direction. Since his rise to fame, he has been linked with several women, and his dating history has been the subject of much speculation and discussion among his fans.

Tomlinson’s first known relationship was with Hannah Walker, whom he dated during his teenage years. The couple was together for a few years, but their relationship ended in 2011, just before One Direction’s rise to fame. Following his breakup with Walker, Tomlinson was linked with a number of women, including Eleanor Calder, who became his long-term girlfriend.

Tomlinson and Calder began dating in 2011 and were together for four years before calling it quits in 2015. However, the couple rekindled their romance in 2017, and have been together since then. Tomlinson has been quite vocal about his love for Calder, and the couple has been seen together on numerous occasions.

Know More Louis Tomlinson’s Dating History

Apart from his relationship with Calder, Tomlinson has also been linked with a number of other women, including Briana Jungwirth, with whom he has a son named Freddie. The two were never in a serious relationship, but Tomlinson has been an active and involved father to his son.

louis tomlinson

In addition to his romantic relationships, Tomlinson has also been linked with some of his famous friends, including Harry Styles, with whom he shared a close friendship during their time in One Direction.

Overall, Louis Tomlinson’s dating history has been colorful and varied, and he has had a number of high-profile relationships over the years. However, his relationship with Eleanor Calder remains one of the most significant and enduring ones in his life.


In conclusion, Louis Tomlinson has become a beloved figure in the music industry, with a dedicated fanbase and a successful solo career. He is not just a talented artist but also a philanthropist who uses his platform to support various causes and make a positive impact in the world.

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