A viral TikTok video featured five adolescent Iranian females dancing to a Selena Gomez song. They were arrested by the so-called “Guidance Patrol” and coerced into making an apology.

Selena Gomez Posted in Support of Iranian Girls Who Were Detained for Dancing to Her Song in a Viral Tiktok Video!

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She Wrote, ” to these young women and all the women of Iran who continue to be courageous demanding fundamental changes. Please know your strength is inspiring.”

In a video that was posted on International Women’s Day, five Iranian girls are shown doing a popular TikTok dance to the song “Calm Down” by Rema and Selena Gomez while wearing crop tops and loose-fitting clothing. Iran International claims that the dancing teacher for the organisation released the video on Instagram, where it swiftly gained popularity as a sign of opposition to the country’s hard-line Islamist government and its repressive tactics against protestors.

Iranian women must cover their heads and dress in loose-fitting clothing and are not permitted to dance in public.

Authorities reportedly searched for the teens over the following few days as their dancing instructor’s video was taken down. The teenagers are in Ekbatan, a town west of Tehran. Forcing the girls to produce a confession video in which they expressed regret for their acts during their two days of detention.

In Iran, where there had already been significant demonstrations against restrictions on women in previous months, the incident sparked a new wave of rage and increased criticism against the government.

As a show of support for the girls, women in Iran and abroad started posting films of themselves and other people performing the same dance in public while wearing their hair uncovered.

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