Stop what you’re doing! The musician Lewis Capaldi has taken his relationship with Ellie MacDowall, whom he has been dating since earlier this year, into the open.

26-year-old After being spotted holding hands at a BRITs after-party in February, Lewis is now officially dating Ellie, a 23-year-old actor, and dancer. The Sun reports that they were kissing on a sofa during the party before Lewis went to the dance floor. We hear that Lewis is “in love” and “couldn’t be happier” from our reliable source. The sight of it delights us.

If they’ve been together for so long, who is Ellie, anyway? How did they meet, exactly? All the information you need to know about her is right here.

What Has Lewis Said, About Ellie?

Lewis discussed his relationship with Scott Mills for the first time in an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 2 in April 2023.

“All you say is, ‘Good luck, I’m really happy for you,’ but actually you are dying inside and want to tell them all the things you miss about them and why they should stay with you, so it’s just a really happy song for the summer,” Lewis said, describing the theme of his new single, “Wish You The Best.”

After being questioned if he was eager to settle down, the singer said, “I have a girlfriend and that’s going really well,” avoiding the question. I’m a happy camper since she’s a beautiful woman. I’m in a good place emotionally. Adorable!

How Long Have Ellie and Lewis Been Dating?

Ellie and Lewis’s first public appearance as a couple was on a dinner date in November of last year. It is unclear, however, if this was their first date or if they had been seeing each other previously.

Lewis “has been dating Ellie for some time now,” a source informed The Sun, but the BRITs after party was the first time the couple had publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Ellie has been posting adorable behind-the-scenes photos and videos of herself and Lewis on Lewis’s new tour on her Instagram stories.

Who Is Ellie MacDowall?

Ellie, originally from Scotland, is an actor and dancer. She has a degree in dance from an accredited university and trained in commercial dance for three years.

She also has vocal and acting training. It would appear that Ellie has relocated to London.

Is Ellie in Anything I Will Have Seen?

The Daily Mail reports that Ellie, who is represented by Simon How Associates, will co-star with Jason Isaacs in the new ITV series Archie, which is based on the life of Cary Grant.

Ellie is speculated to play Jennifer, Cary’s daughter.


Scottish actor and dancer Ellie MacDowall is officially dating musician Lewis Capaldi, as confirmed by Lewis himself in a recent interview.

The couple has been together for some time, with their first public appearance as a couple at a dinner date in November. Ellie is set to co-star in the new ITV series “Archie” alongside Jason Isaacs, based on the life of Cary Grant. Fans are delighted about Lewis and Ellie’s blossoming relationship.

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