Coronation Street depicts Dev Alahan’s struggle in the aftermath of the shooting

He opens up to Bernie.

Dev Alahan from Coronation Street will have a difficult time coping next week after his son Aadi was shot.

After being shot during the intense rooftop brawl involving Kelly Neelan, Gary Windass, and Kieron Edgerton, Aadi was taken to the hospital last night.

After being rushed into surgery for emergency care, everyone was relieved to learn that the adolescent would probably recover fully.

Aadi had lost a lot of blood, but the bullet had not left any permanent wounds. Bernie Winter cleans up Dev’s home the following week.

Bernie accidentally breaks the first golf trophy that Aadi has ever won while on the job. Despite the fact that this was a simple error, Dev is enraged and immediately fires Bernie.

Later on, in the week, Dev apologizes to Bernie for his violent outburst and for overreacting to the damaged trophy.

Dev then confides in Bernie, confessing that he holds himself accountable for failing to defend Aadi. In an effort to soothe Dev, Bernie tells him that he couldn’t ask for a finer parent.

Dev is moved by Bernie’s generosity; will this lead to a stronger relationship? Kelly left the ITV serial last night because to the high-stakes storyline around her.

After learning that Gary had slain her father Rick in 2019, Kelly felt she couldn’t stay in Weatherfield despite surviving her confrontation with Kieron.

After three years, Kelly’s actor, Millie Gibson, decided to leave the show.

I think Corrie is a home,” she recently told Digital Spy and other media. The easiest way to put it is that it’s a home. I had the notion, “I’ve got to leave,” because I am so young. I am thankful to be living at home since I have no obligations—I don’t have children, a mortgage to pay, or anything else of the sort.

“I decided to just see what else the world has, I reasoned. That would be great if it does happen, wouldn’t it, if it happens. I merely reasoned that I might as well observe events while I’m still young.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 p.m., ITV broadcasts Coronation Street, which is also streamed on the ITV Hub.

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