Jake Paul has acknowledged that if it weren’t for his new girlfriend’s assistance behind the scenes, he might have had greater difficulty dealing with his defeat against Tommy Fury.

The speed skater from the Netherlands, Jutta Leerdam, and the YouTuber-turned-boxer have been seeing one other for a few weeks. They made their Instagram relationship official earlier this month after spending time together in Puerto Rico. In addition, he claims that she was able to relate to his feelings of defeat because of her own experience as a world champion.

Prior to his match against Fury in Saudi Arabia at the end of February, Paul had won all seven of his fights—six professionally and one in a white-collar setting. But in taking on the Brit, he overstepped his bounds and succumbed to a split decision loss, which he has subsequently accepted in numerous interviews and press appearances.

In a rare YouTube video, Paul explained to viewers how Leerdam helped him move past the loss, saying: “I have a new girlfriend, which is really wonderful. She is a world champion, and her attitude toward her career and how much of an angel she is have truly inspired me.

Jake Paul's New Love: How Jutta Leerdam Helped Him Cope With Defeat

“She is one of the most sincere, pure-hearted people I have ever met, and she has completely changed my outlook and assisted me in emerging from a dark period following this loss. She was there in person, sharing her losses, and she could understand what I was going through. Jutta, if you’re reading this, hi, you’re fantastic. She has been such a blessing.

Paul has already made plans to return to the ring this summer; on August 5 in Dallas, Texas, he will take on UFC icon Nate Diaz. The fight has been planned for years, and he said before the Fury fight that he was eager to make the next one happen no matter the outcome.

Before his fight with Fury, Paul claimed in an interview with Mirror Fighting: “I do schedule these things; I’m a businessman, and I love my Google calendar. Every day I have a plan and a “to-do” list, so it only makes sense that I would be thinking about and planning for upcoming conflicts as well.

“That’s how we do it, I’m a Capricorn,” Next up is Nate Diaz. He is available, waiting, and willing. Our squads are communicating virtually constantly, and the next fight is ideal.

Leerdam, Paul’s girlfriend, has more than 4.2 million Instagram followers, making her somewhat of a social media influencer. She has won medals at the Winter Olympics and is already a decorated speed skater at the age of just 24.

Jake Paul's New Love: How Jutta Leerdam Helped Him Cope With Defeat

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Jake Paul has acknowledged the support of his new girlfriend, Jutta Leerdam, a world champion speed skater from the Netherlands, in helping him cope with his defeat against Tommy Fury.

Leerdam’s understanding of defeat and her positive influence on Paul’s outlook has been a source of inspiration for him. Paul has already planned his next fight against Nate Diaz and is eager to get back in the ring. Leerdam, with her impressive achievements and large following on social media, has become an important presence in Paul’s life.

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