Jep Robertson is a famous television personality and entrepreneur who rose to fame and public attention after appearing on the popular reality TV show “Duck Dynasty”. He was born on May 28, 1978, in a family who loves hunting and he also inherited that same love and has a deep-rooted faith and love for it. He is the youngest in the family and is inspired a lot by his parents, Phil Robertson and Kay Robertson,

jep robertson

Jep comes from a family of hunters and thus their love for hunting made the team consisting of Jep, along with his father and brothers. They all formed the Duck Commander Company, which aims at manufacturing duck calls and other hunting equipment and gears.

Jep was also a very important part of this team but initially, he was handling all the behind-the-scenes work like editing videos and seeing the video production, etc. It was Jep’s choice of staying behind the camera but gradually the producer noticed his on-screen presence and how the audience loves his work. And after all this Jep became a regular cast member of “Duck Dynasty” and people really love and appreciate his work on screen and off.

Jep Robertson Illness

Jep Robertson suffered a seizure a few months back and it was near to die situation for him. Jep’s wife, Jessica also shared that it was not at all an easy time for her as well because seeing her husband in such a scary condition where no one actually knows what has happened was something really dreadful.

Jep shared that he had no idea what happened to him and was not even aware of how many days he had been in the hospital. He shared that while hunting with his brothers he saw a dear and as he approved towards it and tried to get his bow something happened and he was out after which he woke up after almost 4-5 days.

Jep Robertson Illness

Jep said that a mosquito can do a lot of damage and according to sources, it is said that he is suffering and tested positive for meningitis and encephalitis. It is not at all an easy phase for him and Jep is asked to have a very strict bed rest away from all the hunting for a few weeks.

We hope for his speedy recovery so that we can enjoy seeing him hunting again and also his wonderful on-screen presence which adds more entertainment and excitement to their show “Duck Dynasty”

Jep Robertson: A Businessman And Philanthropist

Aside from his television career, Jep Robertson is also an accomplished businessman. He has been involved in various ventures, including launching his own line of outdoor products called “Jep’s Southern Roots”. These products range from clothing and accessories to hunting gear, reflecting Jep’s passion for the outdoors and his Southern heritage.

Jep is also known for his charitable work. He and his wife, Jessica Robertson, are active supporters of various philanthropic organizations. They have been involved in initiatives aimed at helping children in need and providing relief to communities affected by natural disasters.


Jep Robertson’s journey from a behind-the-scenes role in his family’s business to becoming a beloved reality TV personality is a testament to his natural talent and genuine personality. His down-to-earth demeanor and unwavering faith have resonated with audiences worldwide. With his entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic work, Jep continues to make a positive impact both on and off the screen.

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