Sara Waisglass is a well-known Canadian actress who has starred in several notable roles, including that of Jordy Cooper in the 2010–2011 series Overruled!, Frankie Hollingsworth in the 2013–2017 series Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class, and Robyn in the 2017 film Mary Goes Round.

She is currently becoming more well-known for her role as Maxine Baker in the Netflix drama Ginny & Georgia. Baker is the best friend of Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and the fraternal twin sister of Marcus (Felix Mallard).

Many viewers of the show assume that Waisglass, who plays a lesbian, is one in real life. But that’s not the case at all. For quite some time now, Waisglass has been seeing the same boyfriend.

Meet Waisglass’s Mysterious Boyfriend

Meet Waisglass's Mysterious Boyfriend

Jeremy Kellen is Waisglass’s current boyfriend. After being together for nearly three years, they still choose to keep their relationship under wraps.

Waisglass told her boyfriend at the beginning of their relationship that he and he had attended the same high school. The couple did not begin dating at that time, though.

Kellen appears to have been Waisglass’s buddy before he started dating her. On July 24, 2019, she shared their first photo together.

Kellen hugged his fiancée close to him in the photo as they sat on a rock in front of a waterfall and smiled warmly for the camera. The actress captioned the photo, “Jeremy signed my yearbook a couple years ago: ‘hope we keep in touch, have a good summer.'” HELLO, LOOK AT US NOW!

Less than two months later, she wished her lover a happy birthday with another snapshot of the two of them. “Happy birthday, @jeremy.bland16,” she tweeted. Let’s go on a hike soon, if a hike means consuming mozzarella sticks and laughing at our own jokes. My man, you have my heart. Have a fantastic day!

Even though they didn’t call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, their mutual friends and acquaintances painted a picture of a lovely romance.

Kellen has shared several social media posts regarding Waisglass as well. Kellen captioned the first photo he posted online of the couple with, “Guess I really know how to pick em.” The photo was taken at Chudleigh’s Apple Farm Ltd. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the two appear to have been apart. Waisglass expressed her longing for her boyfriend in an Instagram post.

She shared a photo of the two of them online and reflected on how “platonic hand holding” had become a rarity in her life. I long for it again.

They appear to be maintaining a low profile in their relationship at the moment. They haven’t shared any pictures of themselves together or talked about their relationship.

Who Is Jeremy Kellen?

Jeremy Kellen

Jeremy Kellen is a JD candidate at the esteemed University of British Columbia, where he has been assiduously pursuing his legal education since 2021. With a 2024 graduation date in mind, Jeremy is starting a course of study that promises a career brimming with legal knowledge.

Before pursuing a career in law, Jeremy attended Ryerson University and graduated with a degree in philosophy in 2021. His love of in-depth thought and philosophical inquiry served as the cornerstone for his intellectual development and widened his perspective on the universe.

Although it is unknown exactly how old Jeremy is, he celebrated his birthday on September 7 in North York, Ontario, Canada. Nevertheless, based on his appearance, he appears to be in his mid-20s and is living life with youthful zeal and vigor.

His cultural and social ties help to define who Jeremy is. He embraces and celebrates his distinctive individuality and proudly identifies as Jewish. He also has a special place in the LGBTQI+ community.

Jeremy’s Instagram gives us a window into his life, and it’s clear that he finds comfort and delight in the world of fitness and the great outdoors. He maintains his health while enjoying the wonders of nature by participating in frequent physical activity. His love for adventure and the natural world is evident in his preference for hiking across beautiful landscapes and visiting places that are kind to the environment.

Even though Jeremy Kellen keeps a certain air of mystery, his academic endeavors, diverse identities, and love of exercise and the outdoors form a picture of a vibrant and well-rounded person. He plays a supportive role in Waisglass’s life as a friend and partner, which adds mystery to his profile and makes him a fascinating character to learn more about.

Who Has Dated Sara Waisglass in The Past?

Sara Waisglass strives to keep her personal and love life secret, like most famous people do, so be sure to come back frequently as we’ll keep this page updated with any fresh dating rumors and news.

Sara Waisglass’s past relationships include at least one boyfriend. Sara Waisglass has never been wed before. We are presently gathering details on the past dates and hookups.

Online dating rumors about Sara Waisglass can be confusing. Finding out who Sara Waisglass is dating can be done quite easily, but keeping track of all of her hookups, flings, and breakups can be challenging. Keeping every celebrity dating page and relationship timeline up to date is even harder. Please let us know if you find any information on Sara Waisglass that is outdated.

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Canadian actress Sara Waisglass has kept her private life under wraps despite her high-profile appearances. But now that they’re public, she and Jeremy Kellen reveal a loving, supporting relationship that’s lasted nearly three years.

Jeremy is still a cipher, but his intellectual interests, unique background, and common ground with Sara make him an intriguing presence in her life. They continue to keep a low profile as a couple, which has allowed their love to bloom away from prying eyes.

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