The Netflix series Ginny & Georgia’s Virginia Ginny Miller is the most well-known character played by American actress Antonia Gentry.

In the 2015 film Driver’s Ed: Tales from the Street, Gentry made her acting debut playing the part of Sara. Later in 2018, she made her acting debut as Jasmine in the Netflix film Candy Jar.

Even though the actress had been working in the entertainment sector for a while, her breakthrough performance didn’t happen until 2021, when she was chosen for the lead part in Ginny & Georgia. She received a nomination for best breakthrough performance as well. She experienced tremendous success after the debut of the series. Now, a great deal of people are curious about Gentry’s personal life.

How Antonia Gentry Got Her Role in Ginny & Georgia

Gentry’s first prominent television role was in Ginny & Georgia. She has, however, previously appeared in Candy Jar and Raising Dion, two Netflix series. You hardly ever find scripts with characters you can completely identify with.

In February 2021, she admitted to Teen Vogue, “I felt like Ginny was finally that. Wow, this is a pretty awesome character, I told myself. I’ll simply try out for it and see what happens. She was so focused on landing the role that she flew back and forth so often during the auditions that she had a blood clot in her leg.

That was a little unsettling, but I was determined to keep my blood clot a secret because I had already secured the part. This is too significant, I thought. She remarked, “I’m just going to deal with it at that point. The physicians said, ‘We need to visit you this and such amount of times.’ ‘Listen, I’m going to Canada [to film the show]’, I said. We need to fix this immediately.

She then informed the publication that she was “fine now” and that, despite the fact that “that was kind of hard,” she “wanted it to work.” “This was my dream,” she continued. It was quite terrifying; I don’t want to downplay how serious this is, but I wanted to make sure that I did everything in my power to see this through. I’m so happy I was able to, too.

Who Is Antonia Gentry Dating in 2023?

Gentry’s on-screen boyfriend, Felix Mallard, has been the subject of rumors. However, they are only buddies in reality. In 2011, the former dated singer Ezra Libras, while the latter dated his Neighbors co-star Zoe Cramond.

Gentry, who is single at the moment, recognizes the importance of showing youthful love on television. “I didn’t like being a high school student. She said as much to Refinery 29 in February 2021: “I felt exposed.”

Many teenagers, including myself, would be able to relate to the feelings of shame and doubt that I experienced. I would like for young women, in particular, to feel heard and less anxious about the situation.

She went on, saying, “I hope it demystifies [talking about sex] for kids and their parents β€” or whoever is caring for them.” For the simple reason that we’ve all been there. It makes no sense to avoid these kinds of discussions. That much should be obvious to everyone.

What Antonia Gentry Feels About the Backlash on Ginny & Georgia

What Antonia Gentry Feels About the Backlash on Ginny & Georgia

There are a lot of people who think Ginny is a “messy” protagonist. But now Gentry is completely comfortable in that role.

She talked about Ginny’s “lazy, deeply sexist” remark about Taylor Swift from Season 1 during the interview.

What she meant was, “That’s what happens with shows that just make people so emotional and attached,” she explained. The characters’ flaws “speak to the imperfections of the characters for people to pay attention to and to help look inside of themselves to see maybe some of those traits might be there that they need to work on,” the author says.

Even Gentry conceded that she is still learning and growing. “That’s a good question because I don’t know if I want them to know too much,” she said when asked what she hopes her fans learn about her.

Just keep in mind that we’re all flesh and blood. I may portray flawed characters, great characters, this character, or that character, but in the end, I’m still just me. When people interact with me in any of my spaces, I want them to feel safe enough to be themselves.


Antonia Gentry’s career has taken off since she was cast as Ginny in the hit Netflix comedy Ginny & Georgia. Despite the fact that she has a romantic on-screen relationship with Felix Mallard, the two are actually just friends in real life. Antonia dated musician Ezra Libras in the past, but they are no longer together. Gentry’s goal in playing Ginny is to bring up universal issues like first love and sexual honesty in a believable way.

Gentry feels confident in her part and believes her fans will view her as a real person who is still learning and growing despite the backlash around her character’s flaws.

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