Sanaa Lathan is one of the finest actresses in the Hollywood industry and it’s really difficult to judge which of her work is the best. She has done a really amazing job in films like Blade, The Best Man, Approaching the Unknown, LateLine Boss, and The Family That Preys. 


On The Come Up was her first directorial work and everybody was left in awe by her work. She has always been very much into her acting and has maintained a very perfect balance between her personal and professional life.

Even after keeping herself away from the rumors or any controversies, her fans always end up connecting her to some amusing things and her pregnancy news has been the talk of the town at regular intervals.

Sanaa Lathan’s early life

Sanaa McCoy Lathan is an American actress born on 19 September 1971, in New York City, New York, United States. She is very famous for her critically acclaimed successful movies and has opened gates for black people and a lot of them take her as their inspiration.

She is the daughter of actress Eleanor McCoy and film director Stan Lathan. 

Lathan graduated from Yale University with a degree in Drama and made her debut in the movie Miracle in the Woods in 1997. She came to fame after working on some major projects including In the House, Family Matters, NYPD Blue, and Moesha.

Sanaa Lathan’s net worth

According to the reports it is estimated that the actress has a net worth of $5 million. She earns a fair share of her income from her acting and has done some financially successful films.

She also does a lot of brand endorsements and collaboration work.

Also, know the net worths of

Is Sanaa Lathan pregnant?

Not much is known about her dating life or whether the actress is pregnant or not.

Sanaa Lathan is NOT pregnant. She is clearly not expecting any baby and is much more focused on building her career.

This is not the first time that Sanaa has been in the news for her pregnancy rumors. Earlier also during the shooting of The Best Man, she was playing the role of a nine months-pregnant lady and her fans started to imagine Sanaa being like this in real-life and it soon became a moment of fun for all.

During the promotion of the film Shots Fired, she debunked all the rumors which were revolving around whether the actress was pregnant or not. Sanaa clarified everything saying that it’s not the baby bump but the food.

She said “It’s just a meal guys”


The rumors were never over and she was also in the headlines for expecting a baby with her ex-beau, French Montana. Sanaa explained this also and the matter was closed.

Sanaa is seen expressing her views on being a big-time foodie and she doesn’t believe in starving oneself just to look good on-screen. The actress is very focused on her career and all the rumors don’t affect her in any way.

She definitely has dated many but is not hitched yet and it’s all good because, in the end, she is happy. And thus her fans all around the world can’t expect her pregnancy rumors to be true anytime soon.

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