It was a startling shift from the distinctive appearance Billie Eilish had established as a pop sensation when she graced the cover of British Vogue with a fresh blonde ‘do and a form-fitting glam gown last year.

The singer is now willing to return to her roots since she is acknowledging that the detour was intentional and served a purpose.

Billie Eilish, 20, told NME that at the time the Vogue cover was unveiled in May 2021, she “had no idea who I was” and was having trouble accepting the fact that people only recognized her as a person who dressed in baggy clothes, had black hair, and produced gloomy, synth-heavy music.

'Billie Eilish Feels Trapped in Her Public Persona, so She Changed It to 'F— with Everyone''

Before then, she claimed, “I was one kind of person, dressed a specific way, and made a certain kind of music… and it haunted me, since people only thought of me in one dimension, and I didn’t enjoy that.”

I felt very constrained by the perceptions that people had of me, so I completely altered my identity and started f—ing with everyone.

According to the “Happier Than Ever” singer, her objective was to establish “range and to feel desirable, and to feel feminine and manly.”

Eilish claimed she’s content with her own skin, even if she’s since abandoned the new appearance for her current global tour.

She added, “I also wanted to prove that to myself.” ‘Now that I’m being all of those things at once, I feel at ease with who I really am,’ the author said.

The seven-time Grammy winner, who recently performed as the headlining act at Glastonbury Festival in England, said that while she feels at ease with herself, she feels as though her personal life is going through a “real transitional period.”

'Billie Eilish Feels Trapped in Her Public Persona, so She Changed It to 'F— with Everyone''

She also admitted that she has been “a little complacent” and “acceptant of things that weren’t very fulfilling” in the past.

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“My goal is to rediscover who I am. I desire a different way of life; I do not wish to continue living as I did the previous year “said she. ‘I want to listen to myself more and trust my instincts more,’ you say.

In May, Matthew Tyler Vorce and Eilish called it quits. Even while she avoided addressing the separation with NME, she did give away the fact that she’s single and looking to date by stating that her intention for Glastonbury was to meet “new people and handsome British gentlemen.”

'Billie Eilish Feels Trapped in Her Public Persona, so She Changed It to 'F— with Everyone''

With stops in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Australia, the celebrity’s Happier Than Ever international tour is scheduled to run through September.

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