According to a statement released by the family, Honey, formerly known as Leslee Kathryn Buhler Alexander, passed away at the age of 77. The former first lady passed suddenly on October 29 at their Maryville home, according to a statement from the Alexander family.

Lamar Alexander’s wife Honey served as the former governor and senator of Tennessee. She was the second oldest of five children when she was born on October 12, 1945, in Los Angeles, California.

In August 1970, the former senator and first lady relocated to Nashville with their 11-month-old son. From 1979 through 1987, Honey presided as the First Lady of Tennessee.

The family cemetery at Hesse Creek Chapel in Walland, Tennessee, will host a private graveside service for family members, according to the Alexander family. Later, a memorial ceremony will be held in Nashville’s Christ Church Cathedral. No specific dates for either service were given right away.

The Honey Alexander Center, located at 2400 Clifton Avenue in Nashville, is where memorials may be made in lieu of flowers, according to the Alexander family.

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How Did Honey Alexander Die?

Honey Alexander passed away from natural causes, as mentioned above. Following the news, her followers are concerned. Many famous people have expressed their condolences to the grieving family. Nobody would have predicted her abrupt death. But everything is subject to God’s will.

For What Is Honey Alexander Well-Known?

Despite being the wife of a governor and a senator, Honey Alexander was able to build her own reputation and name rather than being remembered for the achievements of her husband. A very well-known woman named Honey Alexander tried to improve the lives of new moms and infants.

In addition, Honey Alexander served on the Governor’s Task Forces on Day Care and Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse as well as the U.S. Health Secretary’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

During the eight years that her husband served as the governor of Tennessee twice, she was a key contributor to the Healthy Children Initiative’s success in Tennessee.

Honey Alexander Illness

She will be remembered for her achievements as a philanthropist and a successful businesswoman, as well as for supporting and partnering with her husband in both his personal and professional life.

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Lamar Alexander’s wife Leslee “Honey” Buhler Alexander, a former governor of Tennessee and a senator from the United States, passed away at 77.

Honey Alexander passed away in her residence, which is outside of Maryville, a city in Tennessee. According to accounts, she was accompanied by family members when she passed away.

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