According to a statement from China Aviation Supplies (CAS) Holding, the country’s official aircraft purchasing organization on Friday officially signed contracts to purchase 140 Airbus aircraft for about $17 billion.

They are all pre-existing orders, some of which were part of the 292 jet order that was previously announced this year, Airbus said on Friday.

The agreement was formally signed on Friday while German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was in China.

In July, China’s “Big Three” state airlines committed to purchasing a total of 292 Airbus aircraft, marking the largest order placed at the time by Chinese carriers since the COVID-19 pandemic and a major victory for Europe as Boeing is still largely barred from the Chinese market.

China Has Confirmed Orders for 140 Airbus Jets Worth $17 Billion

Due to the zero COVID policy and heightened U.S.-Chinese tensions, Boeing suggested that it might have to wait a while before receiving Chinese deliveries.

Boeing, which has begun reselling aircraft that were originally made for China, assured investors on Wednesday that it could achieve its objectives without the country, which typically accounts for a quarter of Western deliveries.

According to the company, the Friday agreement covers the purchase of 132 A320 series aircraft and eight A350 aircraft from the European aircraft manufacturer.

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