Popular American actress Christina Applegate, 49, has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She is best known for her appearances in Anchorman and as Rachel’s sister Amy on Friends (MS).

Applegate was diagnosed with cancer after having her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in 2014 and her ovaries removed in 2008 to treat breast cancer.

The actress recently shared some disheartening news about her health, including that 
she has gained weight and needs a cane to get around.

Christina’s Multiple Sclerosis Impact on Job

Christina revealed that she was diagnosed while filming the final season of Dead To Me, and she reluctantly agreed to take a five-month break to begin treatment.

“It was my duty to do so. Those in authority said, “Let’s just stop. Don’t feel obligated to see this through to the end. 

Let’s splice some episodes together from the archives. I firmly rejected this idea. In other words, we’re going to do it, but only on my terms “the woman declared.

A feeling of “Well, let’s get her some medicine so she can get better” was prevalent, as reported by the witness.

Christina, who now uses a variety of canes to get around, showed off her collection on Twitter last month. 

She admits that while she has accepted her prognosis, she will never be at peace with it. “There’s no way that I can accept this. I’m p***ed, “…she remarked.

“I had to mourn the death of my entire existence, the death of a vital part of my identity. I was in dire need of some alone time. 

Although I didn’t emerge from it saying, “Woohoo, I’m totally fine,” that’s not how it worked out.”

As she moves forward with her “new normal,” Christina thinks back on the times when she ignored some early warning signs, such as when she lost her balance during a dance scene while filming the first season of Dead To Me.

“I regret not paying closer attention. But then again, who was I to say? “I lied,” she said. 

Other well-known people with MS who have spoken publicly about it include Selma Blair, Jamie Lynn Sigler, and Jack Osbourne.

Christina Applegate’s Recent Health Update

The 50-year-old celebrity told The New York Times that she has gained 40 pounds (18 kilograms) since being diagnosed with the debilitating disease and that she now has difficulty walking without assistance, just like many others who have the same illness.

“I don’t think anyone has ever seen me like this before. I gained 40 pounds and now need a cane to get around. That everyone knows I am fully aware of all of that, “she divulged to the media outlet.

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