The most well-known thing about David Shamblin, who is comparatively unknown, is that he was the first husband of the late Gwen Shamblin.

In addition to being the creator of The Weigh Down Diet, Gwen created the Remnant Fellowship Church in 1999.

David attends the same church as his ex-wife, the Remnant Fellowship Church. He and Gwen founded the Weigh Down Workshop for Remnant Christians together.

A Bible study course that “guided wounded, imprisoned souls how to walk away from toxic vices and unpleasant habits and emotions, such as overeating, alcohol indulgence, rage, and sadness”

The association’s CEO was David. When Gwen and her husband Joe were “presumed dead” after their plane hit Percy Priest Lake near Smyrna, Tennessee, David published his ex-obituary. wife’s

david shamblin divorce

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When the Cessna light jet, traveling from Smyrna Rutherford County Airport to Palm Beach International Airport, crashed, six additional people on board also perished.

When Did Gwen Shamblin and David Shamblin Marry?

The couple was wed from 1978 to 2018. The specifics of their ceremony remain unknown. Gwen later wed American actor Joe Lara after they divorced.

Lara is also believed to be deceased following a plane disaster in Tennessee. Lara is best known for playing Tarzan in the television series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures.

Do Gwen and David Have Children?

David and Gwen have two children together, and their two children, Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah have produced seven additional grandchildren.

Following the tragedy, Gwen’s daughter Elizabeth allegedly texted Remnant church members to ask for prayers.

david shamblin divorce

According to the site, she claimed that the aircraft needed to descend “for a controlled, rapid landing.”

Hannah claimed that her own husband, Brandon, and other church officials were traveling on the same plane as the rest of her step-family. father’s

Gwen’s other kid, Michael Shamblin, and his wife Erin have four children. According to “The Way Down,” Gwen Shamblin Lara wed Joe Lara after divorcing her spouse of 40 years.

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David was infrequently referenced by Gwen, but the HBO Max documentary claims that he never went to church services and shunned all church-related activities. According to rumor, he avoided the spotlight because he disagreed with his wife’s religious beliefs. Additionally, he was obese.

After 40 years of marriage, Gwen unexpectedly filed for divorce from David in 2018. Just a few weeks later, she made a U-turn and wed Joe Lara. She also did all of this despite years of preaching that women shouldn’t be able to divorce their spouses. even when there has been abuse or ongoing adultery.

Has Gwen Shamblin Gotten Married Again?

david shamblin divorce

WTVF — NASHVILLE, Tennessee Gwen Shamblin considered divorce as an indication that traditional churches had gone astray before she and her husband separated in 2018 then remarried less than two months later in a grandiose ceremony.

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