Bianca Censor is the wife of the famous rapper and public figure, Kanye West. She came to prominence in the year 2022 after being in a relationship with Kanye. They both gained alot of public attention and people were very much interested in knowing more about them. Kanye was seen with Bianca Censor just two to three months after getting divorced from Kim Kardashian.

Bianca Censor

Bianca Censor is an Australian architect and entrepreneur who moved to America for her work and different projects. She was not a very face in the media but as soon as her dating rumors with Kanye West spread, she immediately came into the limelight and within no time became a celebrity. It is said that she was a part of Kanye’s team and from there only they got to know each other.

Bianca Censor Transformation 2023

Bianca Censor and Kanye West married on January 2023 in Beverly Hills in a private wedding. Not many pictures were released of their wedding but according to many sources, Kanye West married her just two months after getting divorced from Kim Kardashian.

Recently the couple was seen hanging out together and Bianca looked a lot different than before. She was looking a totally different person and had some major transformations be it her hair or body. Bianca had always been very much particular about her fashion and clothes.

Bianca Censor Transformation 2023

She earlier had beautiful black long locks but recently she was seen with a buzz cut and blonde hair. She looked really good in her new look and was also looking much slimmer than before. Bianca’s raw look and extreme transformation caught the attention of a lot of paparazzi and people really appreciated her changed look.

Bianca Censor Life

Bianca Censor is an Australian architectural designer at Yeezy and had been a very low-profile person since the start. But as soon as she came into a relationship with the famous rapper and controversial star, Kanye West, she became a huge public figure and gained alot of attention for her glamorous face and body.

Bianca Censor life

She has also been in the news for her resemblance with Kanye’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, and people really criticized Bianca for trying to make attempts to look like Kim. From her body to her face, Bianca tried her level best to copy Kim in which she was successful to a very great extent. Currently, she has become a topic of public discussion firstly for her marriage with Kanye and secondly for her extremely fit and perfect body.

Let’s Know About Kanye West

Kanye West is a very well-known rapper and controversial public figure who has made a very prominent impact in the realms of fashion and music. He was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, Georgia, has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time, and has made himself a true icon of the 21st century.

Let's Know About Kanye West

He gained much attention after his marriage to the popular TV personality and entrepreneur, Kim Kardashian. They both are parents to four children and recently in 2022 decided to part ways and got divorced.

Soon after his divorce within two months, Kanye came into a relationship with the Australian architect, Bianca Censor, and eventually got secretly married in January 2023. He has always been quite vocal about everything and sometimes it is very harsh and people find him quite rude and outspoken.


Bianca Censor has now become a complete celebrity and people really look forward to her amazing fashion sense and fit body. He has gained a lot of public attention and following from all over the world and we hope that she keeps shocking people with her new and improved looks and transformations.

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