Back in 2016, when NCT 127 made its debut with the song “Fire Truck,” it was a welcome burst of adrenaline that disrupted the Korean music scene.

The 12-track album is not only a continuation of their unique musical styles, but it also serves as a reminder of who NCT 127 are at their core: charismatic, self-assured, and not afraid to get loud.


The fascinating group, comprised of TAEIL, JOHNNY, TAEYONG, YUTA, DOYOUNG, JAEHYUN, JUNGWOO, MARK, and HAECHAN, has reunited six years later with their fourth studio album, (2 Baddies), which is even more unconventional.

Hip hop, R&B, electronic dance, and their go-to pop melodies are just a few of the genres that are explored in their songs. Immediately explosive tracks like “Faster” open the album, but NCT 127 quickly heals the wound with a mix of rhythmic blues.

By email, Haechan tells NYLON, “Many people remark NCT’s music is “new,” and I think this is a great plus for us. We take great pride in our music as well, therefore we always work to release new songs that will appeal to a wide audience.

Sticker, an album by NCT 127 from 2021, was the last time we noticed them. The boy band will start the NCT 127 2nd Tour: Neo City – The Link in October to promote the new album. Additional dates will be announced in the coming months.

The tour will make stops in Los Angeles and Newark, New Jersey. Our concert will be updated to reflect the most recent version, and songs from our most recent album will be added, says Mark. “When we go on tour, that’s a new emotion for all of us, so that’s absolutely something to look forward to.”

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