Kyle Fletcher is a prominent figure in the world of Australian professional wrestling. Known for his incredible athleticism, captivating charisma, and impressive in-ring skills, Fletcher has become a fan-favorite in the wrestling community.

Kyle Fletcher

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Fletcher began his wrestling journey at a young age, captivated by the larger-than-life characters and the artistry of the sport. He trained extensively, honing his craft and mastering various wrestling techniques.

Kyle Fletcher Dating Skye Dolecki

Kyle Fletcher is in love and has found the love of her life in Skye Dolecki. His girlfriend, Skye Dolecki is a famous American professional who is active under the All Elite Wrestling(AEW) in the world of wrestling. She is quite known in the wrestling industry and Kyle Fletcher is also currently signed to All Elite Wrestling(AEW).

Kyle Fletcher Dating Skye Dolecki

Kyle Fletcher announced his relationship with the famous wrestler in 2023 on his Twitter handle. He shared the lovely pictures of him with his girlfriend with a very sweet caption and publicly confirmed his relationship with fellow All Elite Wrestling star, Skye Dolecki.

As soon as they shared the news of their relationship, messages of good luck from all over the world flooded the internet and they both received a lot of love from their fans and well-wishers. Their public declaration confirmed their seriousness towards their bond and we hope that they continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Kyle Fletcher Career Beginning

Fletcher’s career took off when he made his debut in Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW), one of Australia’s premier wrestling promotions. His high-flying moves, coupled with his technical prowess, immediately caught the attention of both fans and fellow wrestlers.

Kyle Fletcher Career Beginning

His success in MCW opened doors for Fletcher to showcase his skills on an international level. He embarked on a journey that took him to some of the most prestigious wrestling promotions around the world, including Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) in the United States and Progress Wrestling in the United Kingdom.

Kyle Fletcher’s Wrestling Style

Fletcher’s wrestling style is a perfect blend of high-flying and technical prowess. He possesses an impressive array of acrobatic moves, executing awe-inspiring flips, dives, and aerial assaults that leave audiences in awe. His agility and speed allow him to seamlessly transition from one move to another, creating a fast-paced and exhilarating experience for spectators.

Kyle Fletcher's Wrestling Style

Beyond his in-ring abilities, Fletcher’s charisma and ability to connect with the audience set him apart. His natural charm and infectious energy make him a favorite among fans. He has the uncanny ability to evoke a range of emotions, whether it be excitement, suspense, or even laughter, through his performances.

Skye Dolecki: American Wrestler

Skye Dolecki is a rising American professional wrestling star who has captured the hearts of millions around the world with her amazing moves and super amazing fit body. She is quite a known name in the world of wrestling and is really moving forward in her life and career very swiftly.

Skye Dolecki: American Wrestler

Skye Dolecki is currently signed under the famous All Elite Wrestling(AEW) and she is among the star wrestlers of AEW. Born on 2 October 1999, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, Skye discovered her passion for wrestling at an early age. With determination, perseverance, and an unyielding spirit, she has risen through the ranks to become a prominent figure in the industry.


Kyle Fletcher’s journey as an Australian professional wrestler is a testament to his incredible talent and unwavering dedication. With his remarkable athleticism, captivating charisma, and exceptional in-ring skills, Fletcher has become a force to be reckoned with in the world of wrestling.

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