The experience of raising teenagers has been described as “difficult” by Tori Spelling.

The 49-year-old actress, who has daughters Hattie, 11, and Stella, 14, as well as sons Beau, 5, Finn, 10, and Liam, 15, with her husband Dean McDermott, acknowledges that raising teenagers is particularly difficult.

“I now have two adolescents, and I’m going to warn everyone out there: if you don’t have teenagers yet, oh, just wait,” she said. The teen years, the anguish, just when we thought the toddler stage was difficult!

The dating show “Love at First Lie” was recently hosted by Tori in Malta.

And the actress, who played the title role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” found it difficult to be away from her kids for such a long period of time.

She stated: “I don’t enjoy leaving my kids, always try to bring my kids if I can” on the “PEOPLE Every Day” podcast.

Tori, however, has previously asserted that her time in the spotlight has given her a thick skin.

The actress began making appearances in movies and on television in the 1980s, and Tori has figured out how to handle the curiosity and rumors that surround her personal life.

“I started when I was 16 and had no idea what was going to come along with it. Just at first, it was more negative than positive,” she said. Before people could actually see celebrities, there was no reality TV or, you know, the fact that I could write a book to help you get to know them.

“I picked up the habit of saying, ‘OK, just keep going, just keep going at a young age. I consequently feel like I’m dead inside. No, I’m not serious. Just possess a very thick skin. Of course, it still affects you since you are human, but I believe you learn to develop resistance.

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