It’s been said that Taylor Swift has moved on from her “London Boy.” Tabloid A source close to Swift told The Sun that she is dating longtime pal and frontman for 1975, Matty Healy.

The source added, “They’ve been Face-Timing and texting a lot because both Matty and Taylor have been on tour over the past weeks, but she cannot wait to see him again.” In spite of this, “as two international megastars, they understand the pressures of one another’s jobs better than anyone and are incredibly supportive of each other’s careers.”

According to the insider, “they are both enormously proud and enthusiastic about this relationship, and, unlike Taylor’s last one — which was very much kept out of the public, purposely — she wants to ‘own’ this romance, and not hide it away.

Taylor Swift Rumored To Be Dating 1975 Frontman Matty Healy

Taylor has no other goals in life except to enjoy herself. She has informed her friends that Matty will be traveling to Nashville this weekend to join her on the next stop of her tour.

Two weeks before The Sun’s piece was published, on the April 13 episode of their podcast Deux U, DeuxMoi stated that they, too, had heard rumors of a romance between Swift and Healy. An excerpt from a podcast episode scheduled to air on May 4 was also posted on Instagram by the anonymous celebrity gossip, who revealed the news but admitted they didn’t believe it at first.

After Deuxmoi initially confirmed the rumor, a celebrity (whom they do not name) contacted the account to say that they had also heard that Swift, 33, and Healy, 34, were dating.

According to a celebrity who messaged me over the weekend, “I just heard that Tay Swift is already dating the lead singer of 1975.” She quoted his direct message (DM) word for word: “[Jack] Antonoff set it up. Fans of the pop diva, who were upset by her split from Joe Alwyn, flocked to Twitter to express their feelings, causing the name “Matty Healy” to trend.

There were other fans who didn’t take the rumor seriously.

Neither Swift nor Healy has commented on the rumors as of this writing.

Entertainment Tonight reported on Swift and Alwyn’s breakup in early April. Some of her closest friends and family members have since stopped following the actor on Instagram.

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Taylor Swift is rumored to be dating longtime friend and lead singer of 1975, Matty Healy, according to sources close to the singer.

Fans and celebrity gossip accounts have speculated about the relationship, with some claiming that it was orchestrated by producer Jack Antonoff. Swift has not commented on the rumors, which emerged following her reported split from actor Joe Alwyn in early April.

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