For his renowned, decades-long portrayal of Victor Newman on Y&R, Eric Braeden, an eight-time Daytime Emmy candidate (and winner in 1998), vociferously criticized how Longoria behaved during the Who’s Talking segment.

Sunday evening, Braeden tweeted, “Eva Longoria, you just made disparaging remarks about daytime actresses! Simply put, you lacked the skills necessary to endure the demands of this medium! You were quite fortunate to get chosen for that “housewife” sitcom, Desperate Housewives on ABC.

You completed one episode of “Desperate Housewives” in 8–12 days with average but amusing speech. You would lose to our actresses hands down! Then they did as well! Several celebrities, from Robert De Niro to whatever they are today, got their start in the genre you disparage! That exhibits a total lack of class!

Braeden responded to criticism that he had overreacted to Longoria’s response to the Y&R tape and her subsequent comments by tweeting that “the overall attitude of the episode was one of embarrassment about her tenure in Y&R.”

He said, “I get angry when people who haven’t succeeded in [daytime television] or don’t know what it’s about say bad things about it! Because I’m one of the few people in it who has done everything, including theatre, movies, and a tonne of guest star roles at night! I am talking about this,'”

TVLine has contacted Longoria’s representatives for comment. Do you believe Longoria gave off the impression of being embarrassed by her daytime TV roots (which actually started with a blink-and-you-missed-it, non-speaking stint as a Brenda doppelganger on General Hospital)? Or does Braeden moan excessively? Watch the video below (or at 8:15 on HBO Max) and give your opinion.


Eric Braeden took offense to Eva Longoria’s apparent humorous joke in the video segment about her early days in daytime television and fired off a scathing tweet in response.

It’s not clear if Longoria was sincerely ashamed of her daytime beginnings despite the fact that her remarks may have lacked tact. It’s possible that Braeden’s response was excessive.

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