Apparently, Saweetie has a thing for Lil Nas X. In an interview with E! News released this week, the 29-year-old “My Type” rapper delightfully confessed her love for the Grammy-winning artist.

Saweetie gushed over her celebrity guy crush after revealing that Rihanna is her celebrity female crush. ‘Little Nas,’ she referred to him as. I really like him a lot.

Adding, “He looks better than me,” she said. “I’m all about the skin. What do you use to take care of your skin?”

It appears to be mutual for the 23-year-old “Old Town Road” rapper. On Twitter, he said, “Goodbye LGBT community, we had a fantastic run.” in response to a video of Saweetie’s interview.

Saweetie told PEOPLE in October that she is happily single in her personal life. Saweetie revealed that her most recent album, The Single Life, was about her experiences as a single woman, both positive and negative. It’s time for me to speak up since I feel like so much of my personal love life has been exposed in the press and online.

Saweetie Reveals Celebrity Crush On Lil Nas X: "I Really Like Him A Lot"

When asked how she deals with people talking about her former relationships, Saweetie told PEOPLE, “I believe the greatest way to answer to my perception is via the music ’cause honestly if you don’t know me personally, I’m not going to have a personal conversation online.”

Saweetie’s fourth EP, The Single Life, came out in November.

People, she revealed, “What it means to me is that I am free to focus on me. We have to be content with our single status. It’s fine if you wish to travel both here and there. Yet, I am happy in my single status.”

While appearing on one of three covers for GQ’s 26th annual Men of the Year Issue in 2021, Lil Nas X talked candidly about his love life.

Lil Nas X told the magazine, “that was the most serious relationship I’ve ever had.” The two are “still on pretty good terms,” he said, so it must have been serious.

Saweetie Reveals Celebrity Crush On Lil Nas X: "I Really Like Him A Lot"

When probed as to what went wrong between them, the “A rapper known for his song “Industry Baby” said, “It’s a duty. I’ve wanted someone to love and be loved by for a very long time, but I realize now what a huge commitment it would be.”

And you need to invest in this individual,” he continued. “And sometimes I disappear for a week to recharge and concentrate‚Ķ hunker down and shut out the world. And I love my work more than any human being.”


Saweetie revealed her celebrity crush on Lil Nas X in a recent interview, gushing over his looks and skincare routine. Lil Nas X also responded positively to her confession on Twitter.

Both artists have spoken about their past relationships, with Saweetie emphasizing her happiness in being single and Lil Nas X expressing the difficulty of balancing his work and love life.

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