A few weeks ago, Rihanna’s performance at Super Bowl 57 may have been a little too intense for some of the people who were in attendance. According to TMZ, the Federal Communications Commission received more than one hundred complaints over her performance.

Rihanna, who is visibly extremely far along in her pregnancy, reportedly terrified several of the audience with her performance. Others grumbled about the red clothing she wore and compared her performance to artist Sam Smith’s performance of his popular song “Unholy” at the Grammys the week before. Some people complained about the lyrics of her songs, while others complained about the red outfit she wore. One viewer went as far as to say, “I don’t care what someone worships, but children shouldn’t be exposed to pornography, and as an adult, I don’t desire to watch it…,” in reference to the program. Where did all the dignity go?

Rihanna performance leads to over 100 complaints

How about respect for both oneself and one’s fellow humans?

I suppose that some of these viewers had forgotten that Valentine’s Day was going to be a few days after the Super Bowl, and it’s possible that the reason she wore red was because of this oversight.

On the other hand, the approximately 600,000 complaints that were received following the performance by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake make the hundred complaints seem like a drop in the bucket. The irony here is that a number of spectators were under the impression that Rihanna did not put forth sufficient effort throughout her performance.

Rihanna’s lip-synching was one of the aspects of her performance that was called into question, although the majority of viewers were delighted with her entire performance and did not see anything wrong with what she performed.

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