Lil Nas X is the stage name of Montero Lamar Hill, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His breakout hit was the country rap song “Old Town Road,” which peaked at number one on the charts around the world in November of the same year and sold over ten million certified units across streaming and physical sales. He first gained notoriety with the release of the song, which went viral in early 2019.

After his maternity photos went viral and the internet started to speculate whether the rapper was actually pregnant, Lil Nas X stunned his fans last week.

He announced to his fans on Twitter today that he is about to give birth and is having some strong contractions. If you’re interested in seeing a demonstration of the situation, he even included a video.

In a recent photo shoot for PEOPLE magazine, the 22-year-old singer is seen flaunting a fully developed baby bump. What’s going on with Lil Nas, and why does he appear to be pregnant? Let’s elaborate.

Was Lil Nas X Really Expecting A Child?

Lil Nas X wasn’t expecting a child, but when he released pictures from his “pregnancy photo shoot,” it appeared as though he did.

On September 17, he announced the arrival of his “baby,” which was obviously his debut album “Montero.” Naturally, he went all out on the “birth” videos, declaring in one promotional clip that he was having contractions before being brought to the hospital.

Then he welcomed his album, his little bundle of joy. The pop star originally shared a photo of himself with a “baby bump” to promote the release of his album “Montero,” but it didn’t take long for the trans community to criticize him for utilizing the bump to promote his new song.

“SURPRISE! I can’t believe I’m finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy ‘MONTERO’ is due September 17, 2021,” he wrote alongside the pictures.

Days after the “pregnancy” images and the backlash that followed them, Lil Nas X and his team created a “baby registry” where people could donate money to charities that support LGBTQ and human rights.

Is Lil Nas Really Pregnant

On his next album’s website, there are 15 charities listed next to the names of each song. Fans believe he will perform with the fake bulge till the release of his new album because he has continued to publish photos of it online.

Contractions Are Experienced By Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X posted a video of himself hugging his growing baby belly on the bathroom floor to Twitter on September 16.

“Having contractions,” read the caption on the video.

Fans began to wonder if Lil Nas X was teasing the release date of his new album when he said, “I think it’s coming, the baby’s coming.”

Shortly after posting his video of his contractions, Lil Nas X revealed that Montero will in fact be released tonight. Finally, he’ll have a baby.

Rapper’s Baby Bump Confuses Fans

Despite the fact that Lil Nas’ maternity photographs were obviously a prank, some of his followers now think the rapper is actually pregnant, and some even raised the question on Twitter. Such is the effect of the comedian rapper.

Is Lil Nas X truly pregnant, someone tweeted?

Another questioned, “Is Lil Nas X actually pregnant? Like legitimately? I am just very curious please someone”

Another user commented on the same tweet by writing: “Just checked the timeline why is lilnasxpregnant”


When Lil Nas X first displayed his baby bulge on Friday, September 4, the public was shocked.

Fans have questioned Lil Nas X about being pregnant, but he is not. The rapper uses a fake pregnancy baby belly to imply that he is “giving birth” to his first solo album.

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