As it’s been more than a month since Chanel West Coast had an emergency C-section to birth a baby girl named “Bowie Breeze Fenison.” She shared her story on her postpartum journey and the changes that she is feeling. 

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Chanel told: “I had to undergo a C-section, which I had no clue would have to happen, I have a scar now that I didn’t want,” she says of her belly. “I’ve always had a relatively flat stomach, and my stomach is taking a lot longer to go down.”

However, following the second week of parenthood, the 34-year-old singer said she saw her scar mending and her body responding.

“It’s a little difficult since it’s not the precise figure I was used to before becoming pregnant,” she said. Though it has undoubtedly altered her outlook. “It’s strange because I’ll go back and look at images from when I was extremely small and I can’t believe I ever believed I was obese with that figure.”

And, sure, Chanel is aware that it has been a month, but she hopes her candor will resonate with others experiencing the emotional postpartum time. Chanel hopes that by sharing her experience, she will encourage other women who don’t feel good about their bodies after having a child. She also promotes body positivity with her swimsuit company Coasty Swim.

Chanel and her partner Dom Fenison will go to Miami to ring in 2023 at the conclusion of the year. While there, the designer plans to display some of her bikinis and appreciate everything that her body has done for her.

MTV's Chanel West Coast Learned to Appreciate Her C-Section Scar After Giving Birth

“My body isn’t going to be where I wanted it to be, and that’s good,” she explained. “I’m fully prepared to take pictures in bikinis with whatever body I have at the time and feel confident in it. If the more low-cut bikinis happen to show my scar, that’s fine. It’s the scar from giving birth to my child. It’s something I’m excited to show the world that you can model a bikini in anybody, even right after giving birth.”

Chanel is enjoying every minute with her newborn child till her trip. In just one month, baby Bowie has kept Mom on her toes with erratic sleep habits and even a little “sassy” attitude.

She’ll take the ‘tude and the new physique, though, because of all that comes with it.

“I had a wonderful physique, and I think that after becoming pregnant, you appreciate your body so much more,” she remarked. “You realize that this body just created a human, and I’m just pleased that she came out healthy and happy; I don’t believe any scar matters when you have this lovely little child to look at every day.”

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