Dream, a ‘Minecraft’ legend, finally shows his face.

Even though I am incredibly cut off from the Minecraft community and have never played a single minute of the game, I am aware of Dream. Some of the most well-known creators on the internet, Minecraft streamers and YouTubers rule and reign over their own expansive ecosystem.

The most well-known of all may be Dream, who up until now had never revealed his true identity to his followers or even his pals, going by nothing more than a plain, recognizable smiley face.

To put it lightly, the fact that Dream revealed his identity was a significant issue for both his neighborhood and Minecraft as a whole. With 5.6 million Twitter followers, 3.1 million Instagram followers, and 30.4 million YouTube subscribers, Dream has an astounding audience.

For comparison, Ninja in Fortnite has 23.8 million users. 4.1 million people follow Dr. Disrespect. 47.5 million people follow Taylor Swift. The dream means a lot.

He is a 23-year-old man named Clay, and before his reveal, he hyped it up by face-timing several of his gaming pals for the first time.

They all posted their reactions to his face, but the audience reveal was postponed until tonight when it debuted on YouTube to 1.2 million viewers. In 2022, celebrities will look like this. Furthermore, you can enter without revealing your face.

There aren’t many well-known YouTubers around nowadays who are fully unknown. Another video game character that has never knowingly exposed his face is Corpse Husband, although Dream is undoubtedly the biggest to have done so.

The majority of streamers used to go live with small boxes of themselves in the corner, but these days, if you’re streaming, you’re probably doing it with your own face, even if it’s not your own name. I remember years ago when face reveals were a pretty common thing on YouTube and Twitch before that.

The exciting emergence of Vtubing is an exception to this rule, in which participants control virtual avatars that are synced to their physical movements and acting in place of themselves. If you want to go there, it’s a little bit “metaverse.”

As for Dream, he explained in the reveal video that he was weary of being “bunked up” and that the reason he made this decision now was due to one of his buddies relocating to America.

It undoubtedly gives him more freedom to produce a larger variety of content and interact with his pals in real life without worrying about secrecy or leaks. Being concealed for this length of time with this much anticipation must get tiring after a while.

Even if it turns out you are…a perfectly good-looking kid, I do not envy being a 23-year-old and showing your face to 30 million people after years of build-up and rumors. As Dream transitions into this new phase, we’ll watch to see what he does next and how frequently we see his face moving forward.

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