When Brad Pitt calls him “one of the most handsome men,” George Clooney hilariously agrees.

After actor and close friend Brad Pitt referred to George Clooney as one of the “handsome men in the world,” Clooney hilariously agreed with Pitt.

This past Wednesday, the 61-year-old actor and his wife Amal Clooney appeared on CBS This Morning, where he directly addressed and backed up the Fight Club star’s compliment. Last week, in a video for US Vogue, Pitt referred to Clooney as “handsome” for the first time.

Let’s be honest, he is correct in that assessment. After Amal agreed that George is “not modest,” Clooney said, “He’s right.”

Continuing to poke fun at the remark, the Ocean’s Eleven actor joked that Pitt thinks of himself as the most handsome man.

Clooney said of Pitt, “I think the truth is… the first time he answered it, he said himself.” They cautioned me, “Maybe don’t say that. Re-shoot that scene.

After mentioning the late Paul Newman as the best-looking man of the past in the Vogue video, Pitt then proclaimed Clooney to be the most handsome man of the present.

I have to call him out, he said, “because why not?” referring to George Clooney. “Because normally I’m the one knocking him out and he’s the one knocking me out. And I’m going to do the opposite for a change.”

On Thursday, Amal Clooney responded to Pitt’s comments during an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He called the Bullet Train star “a great friend” and reiterated his stance on the Vogue video.

After Clooney was called a “fer” by an anonymous source, the actor joked, “Well, I do have some things to say about him and it will include the word fer in it, apparently.” “I agree with you that I am the most handsome man on the planet.”

He also mentioned their upcoming collaboration on an Apple Original thriller that Jon Watts is writing, directing, and producing. The two actors have also shared roles in three Ocean’s Eleven films and the 2008 film Burn After Reading.

Clooney has spoken publicly about his friendship with Pitt before. Clooney joked about working with Pitt again in Watt’s film, citing the “really good time together,” in an October 2021 interview with People (the TV Show).

Jokingly, he remarked, “Brad was obviously the cheapest of the available actors.”

The star of Batman & Robin went on to say, “He’s a friend of mine and we have a really good time together.” “I’m looking forward to it very much.”

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