The most adorable combo there is! Brad Pitt is a proud father of six children, one of whom, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, has a particularly close bond with him.

According to a source, the father-daughter duo “really have an unbreakable bond” and have “the same hobbies.”

Although Brad and Angelina are still fighting over the children’s custody, the insider claims that the actor does spend time with them, albeit in a private setting, with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie’s children Shiloh, Maddox, Vivienne, Knox, Zahara, and Pax. Because he’s close to Shiloh, he prefers it that way.

As the insider goes on to say, “The two are cut from the same cloth and share a loving, fun, and honest connection.”

Brad Pitt and Daughter Shilohs Unbreakable Bond

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is one of the six children raised by the Shawnee, Okla., native who has shown his affection for every one of them. Their similar hobbies are what bring them together.

According to a source, Brad and Shiloh’s favorite activities include “playing music together, viewing movies and art, and spending a lot of their time together in his art studio being creative.”

The Ad Astra star not only shares Shiloh’s love of music and art but also lends a helping hand when it comes to her other interests, such as dance.

When it comes to Shiloh, “Brad never puts pressure on Shiloh,” says a source. “She is able to open out to her father about any subject.”

Brad Pitt and Daughter Shilohs Unbreakable Bond

Brad Pitt and Shiloh’s close relationship isn’t a surprise as they share many similarities. A second insider told In Touch in March that the two are “extremely alike,” adding that “they not only look alike, but they have the same enormous heart. They’re kind and caring people.

Their openness and desire to meet new people make them ideal for this position. Shiloh appears to have adopted Brad’s Midwestern mannerisms,” he says.

Despite Brad’s hectic schedule, he manages to visit his children “as frequently as he’d want,” a source said at the time of his divorce from Angelina.

Brad Pitt and Daughter Shilohs Unbreakable Bond

When the ex-couple first met in 2005, they began dating seriously and married nine years later.

A source previously told Us Weekly that they split in September 2016 and are working to maintain an “amicable” co-parenting relationship.

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