Wayne Swinny, guitarist, and co-founder of the band SALIVA have passed away. His age was put at 59. Swinny had a brain hemorrhage and was admitted to the intensive care unit yesterday; today we learned that he passed away.

SALIVA’s lead singer Bobby Amaru has issued a statement about the death of a bandmate: “I’m not even sure what to think or how to feel right now. My thoughts and prayers go out to Wayne’s loved ones and all those who had the privilege of knowing and loving him.

My thoughts and prayers are with his daughter Nikki. He had so much affection for the little girl. Onstage, he embodied the rock star persona that every guitarist aspires to achieve. In his private life, he was a doting father, an authority on Ancient Aliens, and an outstanding human being with no adversaries. He would do anything to guarantee a wonderful experience for you.

“I’m thankful that I was able to spend nearly a decade of my life with Wayne, both on and offstage. He acted as a surrogate older brother to me. I picked up a tonne of knowledge from him, and we had a great time doing it! Everything is so precious to me and I will always remember it.

Please accept my sincere best wishes, Wayne. We’ll definitely cross paths again!! Less than an hour earlier, Tracy Veal, who is dating Paul Crosby, the drummer for the rock band SALIVA, posted on Facebook, “Our family along with our SALIVA family’s hearts are absolutely devastated right now. We all loved Wayne Swinny so much because of how well we knew him.

Co-Founder Of SALIVA, Wayne Swinny, Passes Away At 59

Let us grieve in private with our loved ones at this time, and we humbly ask for your patience as we do so. Stop calling, please. We’re trying to accept it, and so are our children, who adored their Uncle WayWay.

Kendra Lynnette, the wife of SALIVA’s original lead singer Joey Scott, was also deeply saddened by Swinny’s death (a.k.a. Joseph Sappington). She shared her family’s grief at the loss of their brother Wayne Swinny on Facebook.

Josey called him his “musical soulmate,” and you couldn’t find a guy with a better sense of humor than Wayne. Please keep his loved ones and his fellow musicians in your prayers. Obviously, this is a major setback.

The phrase “I have no words” is from Josey himself. The love, the small moments, the looks we had with the fans, only between us and them, on stage after stage, all around the world, that no one will ever know.

It’s a really personal experience to play and write music with a man like Wayne Swinny for as long and as extensively as we did and in as many different locations as we did. I will carry the love we had and the memories we made together with me into the hereafter. never get old being #TheToxicTwins.

SALIVA announced earlier today on Facebook that Swinny had been found “in medical difficulty” on Tuesday. The singer asked for an ambulance and was taken to the hospital, where he “was diagnosed with a Spontaneous Hemorrhage in his brain.”

SALIVA, now on the road in the United States, played in Nashville on Monday night as part of the “Spring Mayhem” tour alongside THROUGH FIRE and ANY GIVEN SIN (March 20).

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Co-Founder Of SALIVA, Wayne Swinny, Passes Away At 59

Albums like SALIVA’s “Every Six Seconds,” which was released in 2001 and featured the singles “Click, Click Boom” and “Your Illness,” went double platinum and began the band’s career. Members of SEVENDUST, AEROSMITH, and KISS have all been on tour with the band.

At last year’s Blue Ridge Rock Festival at the Virginia International Raceway in Alton, Virginia, SALIVA performed alongside Scott once again.

According to reports, Scott quit SALIVA at the end of 2011 after 15 years to pursue a solo Christian music career. After his departure, Amaru joined SALIVA and has since been on four of their albums (In It to Win It (2013), Rise Up (2014), Love, Lies & Therapy (2016), and 10 Lives) (2018).

With Scott, SALIVA recorded six albums, the first of which, “Your Illness,” went platinum and earned a Grammy nomination.

May of 2021 saw the 20th anniversary of SALIVA’s breakout big label debut, “Every Six Seconds.” To mark the occasion, the band released “Every Twenty Years,” an EP of covers of their greatest hits, recorded with Amaru.


Wayne Swinny, the guitarist, and co-founder of the band SALIVA, has passed away at the age of 59 due to a brain hemorrhage. Bobby Amaru, the band’s lead singer, expressed his grief and admiration for Swinny’s musicianship and personality.

The band members, their families, and friends shared their condolences and memories of Swinny on social media. SALIVA was a popular rock band known for hits like “Click, Click Boom” and “Your Illness.”

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