Jared Leto has quite a fan following with all his dynamic roles and method acting. His career of three decades has also earned him several accolades, including an Academy Award.

The actor was recently announced to be leading Tron 3. However, the response to this news has been heavily criticized and all the fans unaware of Jared’s other side are being enlightened. Keep reading to learn more about the controversy.

Crazy Media Backlash

Following Leto’s casting announcement, Hamish Steele, an animation director, and comics creator tweeted that Leto has wanted to be a part of the Tron franchise since he was 14. He then encourages others to search “Jared Leto 14” to find more information.

But unlike your expectations, the results emerging after searching “Jared Leto 14” are way opposite. Instead, the actor’s alleged wrongdoing is what comes up frequently, as Leto has been charged with being a predator and with abusing children as young as 14.

It was only last year that allegations about Leto’s predatory behavior were trending. In April 2022, a photo appeared online of 19-year-old Olivia Rodrigo and Leto at the 64th Grammy Awards, and Twitter users were quick to warn the young singer to steer clear of the actor.

The New “Cop 40%” = “Jared Leto 14”

Back in the day, a search phrase had been the talk of the town. It was “Cop 40%”, which upon searching, brings up a bevy of results explaining the little-known fact that at least 40% of cops are estimated to be domestic abusers (compared to 10% of the general population).

The Details of The Misconduct Allegations

Even if you are reading about Jared’s predatory conduct for the first time, the accusations date all the way back to the early 2000s.

In 2005, an anonymous source opened up to a media outlet about Jared’s predatory nature and behavior. The person described Leto as a “serial texter,” and also stated that he has a habit of constantly texting and calling teenage girls.

In one instance, he is accused of asking a 17-year-old girl for her number in front of a chaperone when Leto was supposedly in his 30s, but she refused to give it to him.

Jared Leto

However, this media outlet is not the only source that has talked about Jared’s predatory nature. For a time, there was a since-deleted forum on Voy.com that contained multiple anonymous allegations.

One victim claimed to have been molested by Leto when she was 17, reportedly writing, “I think he got pleasure out of hurting me, in retrospect, but I was too young and didn’t know that then.

A different lady made the charges in a now-deleted forum on GossipRocks.com in 2013, claiming that Leto assaulted her when she was 17 and he was 34. She recalled that he forced her to engage in non-consensual sex with him and demanded that she vocally claim to be 14 or 15 years old, even though the legal age of consent in New York is 17.

Meanwhile, it appears that Hollywood is aware of his alleged predatory behavior. 2018 saw Dylan Sprouse, a former Disney star, criticize Leto on Twitter for allegedly DMing “every female model aged 18-25.”

James Gunn responded to the same tweet with a mock surprise at the claim that Leto “starts at 18 on the internet.” However, the reply was deleted sometime later.

Jared and His Other Controversies

Jared is often criticized by people who have seen his other side. However, it isn’t always about sexual assault. He also has a knack for bizarre behavior.

He has a history of making his crew and co-stars do bizarre activities to get into the role. He often claims them to be his “method-acting.”

Recalling the shooting period of Morbius, director Daniel Espinosa claimed that Leto forced crew workers to push him in a wheelchair to the restroom on the set because he was allegedly embracing Morbius’s physical limitations.

Jared Leto at the Met

Allegations that Leto gave his Suicide Squad co-stars gruesome presents, such as a live rat, a dead hog, and used condoms, to land the role of the Joker were also made, however, Leto denied them.

In the same way that he may have exploited his fame to evade punishment for his allegedly predatory actions, he may have also utilized methods acting as a justification for getting away with reported rude and offensive behavior while filming that would not have been tolerated in any other workplace.


Although never directly addressed or made headlines, Jared Leto has been accused of predatory behavior since back in the early 2000s. The older actor is claimed to have a habit of harassing teen girls and forcing them into non-consensual sex.

He is also alleged to have used his “method-acting” as an excuse to get away with bizarre and obnoxious behavior on the set.

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