Following a fight with her ex Ant Anstead, Christina Haack declares she won’t display Son Hudson on television or social media.

Christina Haack has made a significant choice about their kid Hudson and what she shares with the world in the midst of her ongoing custody dispute with her ex Ant Anstead.

Cut, Christina Haack is screaming.

One week after Ant Anstead filed for legal custody of his ex-3-year-old wife’s son Hudson, charging her with “exploiting” him, she made the decision to keep the youngster out of the public eye moving forward.

She posted a selfie and the statement “I am mentally drained from the recent bogus claims against me” on Instagram on October 2. “Hudson’s father has made an effort to use deceptive information and manipulation techniques to turn my family, friends, and supporters against me.

This has had a significant impact on my family and me. Because of this, I have decided to stop featuring Hudson on Instagram, my television programs, or any other social media platforms until he is old enough to decide for himself.”

The Christina on the Coast actress insisted that she was always “fine” with Hudson not appearing on public platforms but wanted him to have the chance to take part in the “fun activities” with his family and other siblings. She also shares son Brayden El Moussa, 7, and daughters Taylor El Moussa, 12, with ex-husband Tarek El Moussa.

She wrote, “Hudson’s father has made it apparent in his open court files that he uses Instagram to judge the kind of parent I am since it is the only access he has to my private life.

“This is unwarranted pressure for a platform that is supposed to be used to share moments chosen, instead of a judgment tool…especially since this is a very small percentage of my personal life as the rest is kept between myself and my family,” the author says.

Christina, 39, praised her fans and “all the individuals who can see beyond the nonsense being thrown at me” and vowed to continue being a “protective mother.”

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“Hudson will be quite fine without having his existence displayed on a public platform,” she continued. “My personal collection of images on my phone and in our home is packed with memories of my children.”

Ant’s team was contacted by E! News for comment, but no response was received.

After two years of marriage, the former couple divorced in 2020. Since then, Christina married Josh Hall in April, while 43-year-old Ant has fallen in love with actress Renée Zellweger. Ant applied for full custody of Hudson in the same month, but the judge later rejected his request for urgent order.

Nevertheless, Ant claimed in court documents from September 26 that “Christina has already exploited Hudson in numerous paid promotions on social media,” adding, “I fear she also has footage of him, to be used in one of her reality TV shows, without my knowledge or consent, and continues to film him despite my objections.”

The Celebrity IOU Joyride actor asked for legal custody of his baby in his filing so that he could “make the decisions to safeguard Hudson and prevent this from happening.”

“I want to make sure Hudson has a happy, healthy, natural upbringing with the fewest worries imaginable,” he continued, “and this should be prioritized before providing commercial opportunities and content.”

In his application, Ant also stated that he wanted Hudson to “establish an organic relationship with his mother” and that he “continued to fully support her in having physical custody of Hudson 50% of the time.”

Christina responded by calling the accusations “really disrespectful and simply incorrect,” adding that her ex’s statement “makes it plain that he is just interested in tarnishing me publically.”

She stated, “I still believe that Ant and I should be Hudson’s good parents. Ant, however, continues to make false claims and misrepresentations, which makes that challenging.

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