One of the attendees at Beyoncé’s private event at The Royal Atlantis in Dubai reported that the “Break My Soul” singer had recently recovered from foot surgery.

Despite the tight “no phone” policy for the exclusive concert, leaked footage appeared online. Due to the event’s stringent no-filming restriction, guests were given specially constructed pouches to put their phones in, but it doesn’t appear to have worked. The event was by invitation only, and various celebrities, journalists, and influencers attended.

Gerrick Kennedy, a cultural critic and novelist who attended the event, tweeted about Queen Bey’s “BEYLANTIS” performance, saying, “the voice gets better and better, mother was doing her wonderful singing.” Kennedy also claimed that the “Break My Soul” singer had foot surgery.

On Saturday, (January 21), he tweeted, “BEYLANTIS was quite the unexpected show.” “That voice is just gets better and better. Mama was doing her good singing.”

Mind-blowing to see her and Blue Ivy perform together. Even more in awe to hear she did this after foot surgery. It’s unclear what injury led Bey to the operating table, but it’s good to know she’s doing better.”

Beyoncé Was Dealing With Foot Surgery Before A Private Show In Dubai

Clips from the show have also gone viral, including one of her and her eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, singing “Brown Skin Girl.” It was also confirmed that Queen Bey will not be performing any of her singles from her latest smash album, Reinassance, which was released in July. TMZ said that the Grammy award-winning singer was paid $24 million for her performance.

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