Amanda Owen, the star of Our Yorkshire Farm, acknowledged that life is difficult for her as the mother of nine adjusts to life after her divorce from her husband Clive after 22 years of marriage. Her admission comes only days before her programme premiere, the solo series Farming Lives, in which she meets fellow farmers.

Amanda stated that her huge family, which included children aged five to 21, did fine without her when she was filming somewhere for lengthy periods of time.

“Years of training means they’re OK!” she remarked, adding: “The nature of what we do means there’s always something to be done.

“They can bake, cook, and even clean up – generally when I give them a heads-up that I’m coming back!”

Meanwhile, Amanda stated in an interview with the Mirror that she has been forced to “adapt and adjust” in the aftermath of her divorce.

She added that life is “not easy” and has “challenges,” but she is continuing with her show Farming Lives.

Amanda Owen Says Life's 'Never Easy' After Marriage Split From Husband Clive

Following the divorce, Channel 5 stated in November that it will cancel the family’s original programme and instead give Clive a spin-off show with her eldest son Reuben called Beyond The Yorkshire Farm.

Reuben and his father take a huge new stride in their lives as they demonstrate their latest digging effort on television.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been given her own programme, in which viewers will be able to witness her go to different farms and chat with the people about how they manage their companies.

Meanwhile, she is sure that her family would “ride the storm” with her as she seeks a new normal post-marriage.

She said that her eldest kid, daughter Raven, who is less farm-oriented, is currently pursuing a Master’s degree at university.

Amanda expressed her delight at her newfound independence, noting that her son Miles had graduated from high school and was beginning his career at home.

Amanda Owen Says Life's 'Never Easy' After Marriage Split From Husband Clive

She previously stated that her other children occasionally arrive at school stinking of “silage,” but that this is the essence of life on a working farm.

Despite the incongruous environment, she says she is not scared to embrace her glamorous side as the kids grow and mature.

“I could be 6ft 2in and work on the farm, but I can wear heels, paste on artificial eyelashes, and be quite happy chatting to a bunch of hill farmers while I’m doing it!” she told the Mirror.

Fans have speculated on whether future broadcasts would focus more on Amanda as an individual and reveal a side to her other than being a busy working mother.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been visiting farmers around the country to share their tales with the rest of the country.

She explained that she met two sisters in the Shetland Islands who manage a farm with their mother after their father died unexpectedly, and learnt of their desire to keep on despite the obstacles.

Amanda has even met a Ukrainian pig farmer, who was motivated to begin her rural trip by the same literature as Amanda.

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