It seems like Azealia Banks has been suspended from Instagram as her Instagram page appears to have been deleted along with all of its posts, despite being well-known for her outspoken personality and contentious viewpoints on music-related and current global topics.

For the past few weeks, Banks had been using her Instagram page to advertise her line of soaps, in addition to sharing snatches of new songs that she had been working on. She has also commented on recent events in the music industry, claiming that Nicki Minaj “sabotages other black female rappers behind the scenes” in one of her extensive Instagram stories.

Banks criticized Kanye West last week on her Instagram stories for remarks he made about Lizzo’s weight in a Tucker Carlson interview.

Banks said: “He can’t be trying to lollipop off the four-year-old discussion about Lizzo’s health and weight when he has an entire McDonald’s commercial.”

Following a Twitter dispute with Latto, Banks stated in one of her final messages before her account was deleted that Minaj required “serious treatment.”

“The Barbs need to petition to obtain Nicki Minaj some rehabilitation and mental health treatments through the Grammys music cars program,” she stated. “The Grammys music cars program is a great opportunity.” “…because it’s not at all typical for someone to be this angry.”

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