American professional wrestler Logan Paul recently made headlines when he revealed that he will be back on SmackDown next Friday (Oct. 21), to fight Roman Reigns for the WWE & Universal championships at that Premium Live Event.

The 27-year-old Youtuber shows a lot of activeness on his Twitter. Earlier today, he shared a video on Twitter regarding the JMX vs Ginty fight at Misfits Boxing and also wrote: “That wasn’t a knockdown” @JMXFifa. Logan was seen practicing while watching their match and it seems like he was shocked by Joel Morris’s performance.

The fight between JMX and Ginty was a trending topic this week. When the game started, even in the first round, JMX drops Ginty in 15 seconds, He was up, but not for long as after some time Ginty went down again, and the first round was declared as push.

In the second round, JMX attacked at the start of the round as he tried to finish this early, but Ginty responded with some punches and it was surprising that JMX was not wounded by his punches, well somehow the fight went to the final round.

Logan Paul Responds to Jmx vs Ginty's Fight, Calls That Wasn’t a Knockdown

As in the third round, Ginty went down again a minute into the round, at that point, the referee should have stepped into the ring, but he allowed JMX to knock him out and the rest was done. As expected, JMX won the round, but it seems like it was not a satisfying win for him.

Joel Morris is such a deadly fighter, but at this point, even his fans are disappointed that he could have finished this game early. Some people believe that it was a fake fight. One fan tweeted that if KSI or Logan Paul was there in place of him, they could have knocked him out in the first round. Another fan shared a clip of final round knockdown, which you can see in the embedded tweet below:

What if there is a match between JMX and Logan Paul? Who do you think would emerge victorious? Let us know in the comments section.

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